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Print industry trends for 2023

The newest print industry trends in 2023 look to be more promising than ever for commercial printing companies around the world. No matter the scale of your print operation, you should keep up with these trends and incorporate as many as possible into your business.

Whether you follow where others lead and profit in your niche or lead your industry with new techniques, you can flourish in 2023. Here’s how!

Design Services as Added Value

Print companies of all shapes and sizes now realize the benefits of having their own design teams. When businesses want a printing partner, they expect more than simply printing off their ideas. They need a team of graphic design and digital print experts ready to help them bring their ideas to life. That’s why the highest ranking commercial printers have provided quality design services for years – some even longer.

Print Industry Trends: Shimmer Printing

Shimmer printing, or shimmering, is a technique that brings out one or several areas of a design to make them stand out from the rest of a printed product. They shimmer or have a 3D effect that draws the eye of any viewer. Shimmering is growing as a popular method for highlighting items on restaurant menus, business cards, flyers, invitations, and more. Any printer worth their salt should invest in and offer shimmer printing services.

Print Industry Trends: Laser Cutting

Another big trend you can expect in 2023 is for laser cutting to take over as a popular production technique. Laser cutting is far more accurate when cutting stocks and can guarantee correct sizes on finished cuts. However, it can also create special designs on cards and invitations – even extremely delicate and intricate designs. Laser cutting creates a unique effect, adding texture and richness to finished products unlike older methods of production.

Mail List Services

Print companies should look to increase the output of their own in-house mail list efforts in 2023. A huge range of local businesses take advantage of mail lists and love customizing them based on specific demographics. Advertisers can use these mail lists to hone in on age groups, lifestyles, incomes, and more to send out mailers to the right audience. Whether your commercial printing company is new or old, you should expand your mail list services and promote them more this coming year.

Protecting the Environment

Historically, the printing industry has had a significant problem with waste as a cost of doing business. From multiple test runs of a printed product to the end-user products ending up as waste after successful campaigns, printing takes a toll on the environment. That’s why a major print industry trend in 2023 is to recycle materials whenever possible. Even scraps from cutting, rolls of unused paper, and other printing byproducts will be recycled and reused to prevent waste in the future.

Diversifying Services

Specializing in one specific printing service can be profitable, but diversification is a big deal for commercial printers in this decade. Even if your print company is starting off small, you should consider expansion in 2023. Other print areas, like moving to large format signage or promotional products, can be a hugely profitable avenue for companies of all sizes. By changing up or offering more print services in 2023, you can set your business up for the future.

Ready to learn more about how your commercial printing business can thrive in the next few years? Keep track of each new post on the Linemark blog in 2023!

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