Aaron Dunn

Print and offline marketing in 2023

As we stare more into our newfound digital world, it’s hard to believe that offline marketing can still be effective. We’re constantly bombarded by digital advertising and media. Thus, it’s easy to consider print marketing to be on its way out.

But this isn’t the case. And your business shouldn’t consider abandoning your print marketing strategy unless you want to miss out on some huge benefits from offline marketing.

Today, we’ll list several reasons why offline marketing isn’t going anywhere. And, we’ll show you how your business can benefit from an expanded print marketing strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Digital Does Not Equal Forever

There’s one word that perfectly describes the digital landscape: ephemeral. Yes, you can save documents and images on hard drives. Yes, you can go back to the same website and see the same content years later. There’s even an Internet Archive that saves content for the future.

But most people, the people you want to see your advertisements, aren’t going to such lengths. Instead, they’re looking at the next thing that’s right in front of them.

It’s true that the next thing in front of them may be on a screen. But people are growing increasingly tired of digital marketing. We’ve learned to tune it out. When we open our smartphones, we want a dopamine hit – and small advertisements we scroll past mindlessly aren’t providing that.

One 2022 survey actually showed that consumers were experiencing something called digital fatigue. 36 percent of consumers said they were overwhelmed by the amount of ads they saw online. They’re tired of them.

Offline Marketing Provides a Better Experience

The sensory experience we have from touching a material is important for marketers. Digital doesn’t allow us to have a satisfying experience by simply scrolling or touching a screen. With modern print techniques, you can experience texture, smell, more vivid imagery, and even taste.

As such, we form a bond with printed material. Even if it’s just leafing through a magazine, we remember that experience. We keep it stored away in a deeper part of our brains than the simple ads we see on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube. No matter how bright and flashy they may be.

Digital Can Be More Expensive

Where in the past website owners simply wanted to draw income from their sites and charged a minimal fee to advertise on them, it’s different now. Digital marketing used to be the cheaper option. But now, online marketing is more in-demand than ever and therefore more expensive than ever.

This demands businesses have larger budgets for digital marketing. Sure, you can pay for a small Facebook ad that only costs a few bucks. But who will see it? You’ll need to spend thousands in the hope that eyeballs land on your ads.

With offline marketing, you can be sure that people will see it. It’s in front of them as they walk by or in their hands in the form of a mailer or brochure. And the cost will soon be much smaller.


Ultimately, the digital world may be only a specific part of our future. It had its boom in popularity. We’re yet to see whether it’ll truly take over the way many believe.

At Linemark, we think people are more complex than that. We know there’ll be a place for offline marketing. Give us a call to learn more!

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