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Thanksgiving marketing tips and tricks

Now that we’ve passed Halloween, it’s officially time to talk about Thanksgiving! That’s right, the true beginning of the 2022 holiday season is upon us. It’s time to figure out what your small business can do to reach out to more customers with these excellent Thanksgiving marketing tips!

Get Started Early

Sure, you might hate hearing Christmas jingles in the store in November. But it reminds you that holiday gift-giving is right around the corner.

The same applies for Thanksgiving marketing. As with any big holiday or event, it’s best to get your marketing started as early as possible. You should also do as much as you can in the lead up to the big day. Make sure your potential customers know who you are, where you are, and what you sell. And let your current and previous customers know if you have any special offers they can take advantage of.

Cater to Big Buyers

The holiday season is all about enjoying the finer things in life. That means people are more likely to spend their hard-earned dollars at your business. You should cater specifically to this group as much as possible.

Reach out to previous big spenders and let them know with your Thanksgiving marketing materials that you’re still around. If you have any discounts or bulk deals, let them know ASAP. When they open their wallets at the beginning of the holiday season, you want them coming to you first!

Impulse purchases are also a big deal during the holidays. Everyone wants to prove how much they care for one another during the Thanksgiving holiday, so make sure your products and services are ready for them.

Add Value for Your Customers with Thanksgiving Marketing

You know your products and services provide great solutions for your customers, but you can add extra value with your printed materials. Inform your customers with booklets, catalogs, instructional guides, brochures, and more. Entertain your customers with magazines, fun flyers, and promotional items.

One of the best ways you can add value for your clients is to provide them with something they can use regularly. Thanksgiving marketing calendars are a great way to keep people engaged with your brand every day. Each time they look at the date or pencil in an important event, they’ll remember your brand.

Thanksgiving Marketing Shows What You’re Thankful For

When you print Thanksgiving marketing materials, make sure they’re in the spirit of the holiday. Thanksgiving is literally about giving thanks, so show your customers how much you appreciate them!

Whether you send out flyers advertising new sales or provide stickers and coupons they can use in your store, do it all in the spirit of appreciation. They’ll appreciate you too!

And the best way to show how much you value them is to never skimp on your print marketing materials. Everything you send out should be printed on great quality paper and cardstock. The images and colors should be vivid, appealing, and well-designed.

But you already knew that, didn’t you?

The team at Linemark wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! For more information on our Thanksgiving marketing services, reach out to a member of the Linemark team today.

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