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Stack of catalogs for catalog marketing businesses

Catalog printing and catalog marketing have been long-time proven strategies for businesses around the world. Many companies exclusively market their business via catalogs. They can be sent out at any time of year – during holiday sales or as a monthly update. Plus, you don’t need much know-how to nail it. All you need is some product photos, pricing, and a way for customers to purchase.

But is it right for your business?

Simply put: if you sell a range of products, catalog marketing is great for your bottom line. Let’s discuss in further detail, shall we?

Benefits of Custom Catalog Printing

1.      Catalog printing fits well into your direct mail campaign.

One of the best parts of catalog printing is that your catalogs can be used as part of any direct mail strategy. If you have a mailing list comprised of a specific group, they’ll know exactly what you offer.

2.      Catalogs have longevity.

Unlike flyers or postcards, people are more likely to hold onto catalogs. This is especially true if they’re former customers who might do business again with you. This helps them decide what to order or make quicker purchasing decisions in-store.

3.      People love catalog shopping.

Rather than feeling pressured at the register, customers can take their time and be sure of what they want to buy. If you allow them to call you and place their order, they won’t feel rushed and will be more likely to choose you as their business of choice.

4.      Catalogs give you control.

When you print your own catalogs, you can show your products and business in the best possible light. You can establish a unique brand identity and stand out from the crowd. Showing your branding alongside quality products is an excellent way to create goodwill with your customers.

5.      Catalogs make you look more professional.

Some businesses go for decades without printing out a catalog. They may have excellent products, but only people who have shopped with them know what they sell. If you put your products in a catalog form and send it out, you’ll seem like a more official, professional operation.

6.      You can share everything about your business.

Have products people don’t know about? Want to show off everything you have in your store(s)? With catalog marketing, your customers will learn everything you want them to know about you. Rather than designing and delivering print media for each individual product, catalogs ensure you have a single document that displays everything you have to offer.

7.      Catalogs are superb for retail.

If you’re in a retail industry, catalogs will be perfect for you. Some of the businesses that benefit most from catalog marketing include:

  • Sporting goods
  • Electronics
  • Hobby shops
  • Department stores
  • Tools/hardware stores
  • Gift shops
  • Discount/supply stores
  • Home goods stores
  • B2B supply stores/warehouses
  • Clothing and fashion retailers
  • eCommerce sellers

Partner with a Catalog Marketing Expert

If you’re ready to get started designing and printing your business catalog, don’t go it alone. Creating a beautiful catalog that proudly displays your products can be difficult in-house. That’s why many businesses partner with commercial printing experts like the Linemark team.

At Linemark, we know the catalog printing process from front to back. If you’d like to learn more about our business printing services, give us a call today.

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