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Mailbox with direct mail vs. email

Are you trying to reach your customers in the most effective way possible, but unsure whether to use email or direct mail?

The debate between these two marketing methods has been ongoing for years and both have their pros and cons. But which one is truly superior?

In this blog post, we dive into the differences between email and direct mail marketing, and reveal which method will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Direct Mail vs. Email

Direct mail refers to a variety of tools such as flyers, postcards, brochures, catalogs, and newsletters that are sent via USPS to current, past, and potential customers. One of the most effective ways to use direct mail is through the use of discounts and coupons.

On the other hand, email marketing is the practice of sending mass commercial messages to a group of customers who have previously used your service or have opted in on your website. This can include traditional newsletters, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails for retail.

While both direct mail and email marketing are valuable tools, they have distinct differences. For your business, it’s critical to compare and contrast their differences to understand which will work best for your customers.

Their Inboxes are Already Full

In today’s digital age, we’re bombarded with a constant stream of emails. Reports show that on average, consumers receive around 70% more emails than they can handle each day. With such an overwhelming amount of emails, it’s no surprise that people are paying less attention to each individual message.

In contrast, direct mail marketing stands out in even a cluttered mailbox. It has a brand recall of 75% and a longer lifespan than an email, which is typically 2 seconds and has a 44% brand recall for digital ads immediately after viewing.

As the effectiveness of email marketing begins to decline, it’s worth considering the potential of direct mail to support and enhance your overall marketing strategy.

Their Mailboxes are an Open Invitation

Direct mail is not as common as digital marketing methods, which 84% of companies use, leaving more room for your message to be seen by recipients. This is one of the reasons why it’s popular among marketers, as it has a proven ability to generate repeat business and increase customer retention.

On average, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers, and direct mail is a great way to turn one-time purchasers into loyal customers who not only consistently buy from your business but also provide word-of-mouth referrals. Plus, the open rate of direct mail is 70% and 79% of recipients read it for one minute or more.

Though it may seem like an “old fashioned” method, direct mail is still a valuable and relevant way to reach customers. Before discounting it as a trend of the past, consider how it can benefit your business.

Consult with the Experts

It’s clear that customers have a preference for when they want to receive mail versus email. Studies show that a multi-channel marketing strategy is the most effective approach, but sometimes one method will be superior to the other. Direct mail, specifically brochures and catalogs, provide a substantial amount of information that can lead to a 63% increase in customer choice.

To learn more about how direct mail can benefit your business, we invite you to reach out to the Linemark team today. We can provide you with more information and help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy using direct mail!

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