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It’s getting warmer out there (finally) and that means a significant psychological shift is coming. People tend to relax more in the summer months and think differently about their spending habits. They’re more likely to spend more on home improvements, big events, traveling, entertainment, and everything else! This means you can optimize your print marketing strategies for summer to take advantage of these shifts in consumer spending. It’s time to get the word out about your business – your products and services, your sales and promotions. Let people know ASAP, as often as possible this summer. Here’s how.

New Postcard Strategies

For all your postcard graphic design, think about summer colors and images that go along with your branding. Showing a picture of a barbecue grill, ice cream cones and popsicles, a lawnmower, or simply slapping the sun in the corner can convey summer-style ideas.

Then, you should advertise some special summer offers like:

  • In-store freebie favorites like cold treats, fruit juices, sweet teas, and more
  • Summer-style giveaways like baseball tickets, grilling supplies, beach and camping gear, etc.
  • Coupons for 10 percent off on 100+ degree days
  • Holiday savings for big days like the first day of summer, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc.

Try Unique Print Sizes

If you’ve run out of ideas for postcards, trying out some new print formats and incorporating interesting and unique sizes can draw more attention to your business this summer. Try out a range of formats like flyers, booklets, brochures, and even large format items like posters and banners. Think outside the box with these for the maximum impact – you’ll draw much more attention with a postcard shaped like a baseball than a regular old rectangle, for instance. The more interesting and unique, the better, as you’re practically guaranteed to get a second glance and maybe an engagement!

Utilize Effective CTAs

On every printed piece of media, try to encourage customers to engage with your business in different ways. You can use scannable QR codes to send them to online links to tie your print marketing to your digital and social media marketing efforts. You can put promo codes and discounts on your flyers and postcards that only work if they bring them in to your location. Just remember to include a clear call-to-action somewhere on every piece of print media that provides a next step your customers can take to interact with you or potentially make a purchase.

Customer Appreciation with Promo Items

If you have a big pile of T-shirts, handbags, pens, baseball caps, ribbons, or any other branded promotional items, the summer season is a great time to unload them. You can throw them in with special orders or simply give them out as part of a summer giveaway. Once word spreads about your freebies, your potential customers will head your way.

Ultimately, your customers are more likely to respond to practical promotions. Plus, they’ll be that much more likely to respond if they’re suited to the season. Think carefully about your brand and your offerings, and then use print marketing strategies that match them. For more information on print marketing strategies for the summer, reach out to the Linemark team today!

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