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Woman happily holding holiday greeting card from small business

Friends, family, employers, customers – everybody enjoys the tradition of exchanging holiday cards. Whether you love sending holiday greeting cards or end up the recipient of these cards, they’re likely a part of your life each year.

So why not make them a part of your holiday marketing strategy?

As a business owner, sending holiday greeting cards is a great way to connect with customers. Whether they’re existing clients from your mailing list or brand new households with potential customers, they work.

But how can you make your holiday greeting cards special this year? Let’s discuss!

Don’t Go Digital

While you know we’re definitely going to represent the print world in this blog, this point makes the most sense to us. People have been sending eCards for years now and we all know they lack the same impact as a printed holiday card.

The personal touch that a hand-made, hand-delivered, or sent-by-mail holiday greeting card is simply astounding. Compared to opening up an email with some pretty pictures, it wins every time.

So don’t go digital. Instead, design your cards to be printed and send them out to everyone on your mailing list. They’ll stick around on refrigerators, counter tops, desks, and dressers and serve as a reminder that you remembered them this holiday season.

Be Positive with Your Holiday Greeting Cards

Every aspect of your holiday greeting cards should project positivity. Around the holiday season, everyone wants to feel warm, comfortable, cozy, and appreciated. Anything that could be perceived as a “downer” is a no-go, so make sure your messaging is one-hundred-percent optimistic.

In other words, don’t choose this moment as a time to disparage other brands. Don’t be political, and stay away from harsh language of any kind – unless your brand is already all about those things.

When designing your cards, use clear and legible fonts. If you have professionally designed logos and letterhead, you might use the same designs for your holiday cards to save money and stay consistent. Alternatively, you can change up your logo/branding for a unique holiday-themed design.

And remember, people celebrate a wide range of holidays every year! Consider your target audience carefully and try to include as many traditions as possible in your marketing strategy.

Be Personal – And Personable

Print marketing during the holiday season is all about personalization. Including handwritten notes or printing recipients names with individualized greetings is a great inclusion on your holiday greeting cards. Even the simplest holiday-oriented hellos go a long way this time of year.

But don’t overdo it with the calls-to-action during this season. While marketing is all about encouraging customers to make a purchase, you want your holiday greeting cards to come off as sincere. You can still use a CTA, but remember that people can smell cynicism from a mile away during the holidays.

Partner with a Holiday Greeting Card Printing Expert

Make sure your holiday greeting cards turn out exactly the way you want them this year. That means you should trust a company with decades of experience in greeting card printing.

At Linemark, we can’t wait to help you design, print, and mail out your greeting cards this year. Contact a member of our team today!

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