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Variety of coffee table book ideas on a table

You’ve got a beautiful coffee table in your living room – why not add something special to it? While many people use their coffee tables as a catch-all that gather magazines, TV remotes, and other random items, we think a coffee table book should be a key part of anyone’s home.

Whether you want a book that sucks you into its ideas or simply acts as extra decoration, here are our five favorite coffee table book ideas you can self-publish!

Favorite Family Recipes

Memories are made around almost any table. For the most part, the best ones are made around the dining table – but you can transport them to your living room just as easily with a family recipe coffee table book!

The recipes you’ve used are indelibly tied to the people who ate them with you. That means you can include the recipes themselves, pictures of how they turned out, and even small written sections about your experience with the food.

And remember: you don’t have to be a genius chef for this to work. The more disastrous the meal turned out, the stronger and more hilarious the memories themselves will be. So celebrate them!

Local History Coffee Table Books

Big history buff? Or maybe you’re merely fascinated with the events that led to your local area evolving to the place that it’s now become. Either way, a book chronicling your area or region’s history is an incredibly interesting addition to your coffee table.

You might not think so at first, but the vast majority of people want to learn more about the areas in which they live and work. By collecting the information and assembling it in one place, you’re doing everybody a service.

We guarantee everyone who sits at your couch will pick this coffee table book idea up and leaf through it. But be warned: they may forget you’re there too!

Writing Portfolio Books

Style yourself as a writer? Maybe you’ve written poetry, prose, or intellectual essays. Or maybe you’d simply like to remember everything that got you your Bachelor’s Degree back in college.

A writing portfolio book is a way to express your appreciation for the written word. And it doesn’t have to be just your writing – you can include words from anyone else you know who wants their work included.

Love Story Coffee Table Books

Telling the story of how you and your significant other got together is a classic idea. Call us a bunch of romantics, but we believe it’ll remind the two of you why you got together in the first place every time you see it.

You can include pictures of the places you visited, the experiences you shared, and pictures of the two of you as you grew together. We’re jealous!

Photo Book Coffee Table Books

We could cheat a bit here and say this list was more like forty coffee table book ideas because photo books are so all-encompassing. There are countless types of photo books just as there are countless careers and lives they can document.

Some of the best coffee table photo books include:

  • Wedding Memories
  • Photography Portfolios
  • School Year Photo Books
  • Family Memories
  • Baby Photo Books
  • Winter Photography
  • Travel Photos
  • Seasonal Photos
  • And dozens more!

Want to self-publish your own coffee table book? Contact the Linemark team today to learn more.

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