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Just about everyone with an address still receives physical mail each and every day. There’s still something deep inside us – a nostalgia for the past, perhaps – that keeps us excited to open that mailbox and see what we’ve received.

Unfortunately, most of what we see in the mail is the same old stuff we see each week.

And it usually ends up in the junk mail pile on top of the microwave, doesn’t it?

But what if there was a way to make the direct mail your business sends out stand out from the rest of that bland junk mail? We’re here to tell you there is – in the form of online custom printed envelopes.

What are Custom Printed Envelopes?

Custom printed envelopes are, for the most part, exactly what they sound like. They are envelopes that are built to contain letters, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, leaflets, etc. with a twist – their dimensions and overall design are completely different from a normal envelope.

A true custom printed envelope will come in a size that’s perfectly appropriate for its contents. It will also be made out of materials that you choose specifically for its intended purpose. You can select from a wide range of cuts, colors, shapes, and designs that are unique to your business and your branding.

Remember: anyone can send an envelope that has their name and address on it. But when you choose a custom printed envelope online, you’re taking steps to differentiate yourself from others and gain the benefits from doing so.

A Brilliant First Impression

Think about how many times you’ve opened up your mailbox, seen a basic, boring envelope from a company, and thrown it in with the rest of the junk mail. Or worse, straight in the trash.

For many of your potential customers, the first thing they see from your business could very well be your envelopes. If you’re sitting in a coffee shop and talking with a stranger about your business, you wouldn’t want to hand them a blank business card, would you?

In other words, sending out direct mail with customized, high-quality branded envelopes is a great way to get their attention immediately. The chances they’ll open it up to see what you’re all about are much higher.

More Effective Brand Communication

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the importance of creating a brand identity for your business. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and helps convince your target audience to choose you for their needs.

With custom printed envelopes, you can further those branding efforts by including your graphic design elements (logos, color schemes, shapes, patterns, etc.) on your envelopes. As soon as your current or potential customers receive one in the mail, they’ll be able to associate it instantly with your company. That level of brand recognition is hard to create any other way.

Linemark offers custom envelope printing for all your business needs. Choose from our huge selection of envelope sizes and styles, then work with our design team or submit your own design. Our printing experts can help make sure your custom envelopes are print ready and help you make a huge difference in your marketing efforts ASAP.

For more information on our online envelope printing services, contact Linemark today.

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