Steve Bearden

In 2021, digital marketing is more popular than ever. Just about every business with a marketing division has a team dedicated to social media marketing or some other Internet-based advertising strategy.

But digital marketing is not the end all be all of marketing. In fact, it may not even be the best method for boosting your profits. Print mail as part of your direct mail effort is as reliable as ever for converting leads, spreading the word about your business, and keeping your customers up-to-date on what you offer.

Today, let’s discuss print mail and how it can impact your business’s marketing efforts. Here are the three best reasons to rely on print mail the next time you devise a marketing strategy!

1. Save Money (and Time!)

Simply put, direct mail just isn’t that complicated. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to advertise your business and get important information out to the public. The U.S. Postal Service has even found that the most read mail format is the postcard – so by sending out the simplest, most affordable mailer possible, there’s an excellent chance your mail gets read.

Remember, all you’re responsible for with printed direct mail marketing is the initial design and having your materials printed. Once they go out to the public, you can go back to focusing on what matters most: expanding and improving your business every day. And because direct mail has some of the highest conversion rates of any other marketing technique out there, you can rest assured knowing you’ll generate far more leads after having spent less money overall.

2. Strengthen Your Branding

Winning over customers is often based on human psychology. You understand it perfectly – the business with more attractive or impressive graphic design and appealing branding simply gets your attention more than the bland, nondescript branding of their competitors. That’s why your business has to do the same – and print mail helps you nail your branding efforts every time.

Whether you’ve changed your product and service offerings or simply altered your logo or color choices, print mail is a great place to showcase those changes. Rather than running a commercial on local TV or radio, send your updates directly to their homes. That way, they’re guaranteed to see it and will have a physical representation of your business information where they live.

Also – you don’t have to leave the customization and branding to your marketing materials alone. You can also send them in custom printed envelopes with your logo and other brand elements on them to make the mail you send instantly recognizable.

3. Increase Trust and Credibility

How many times have you seen an online advertisement that makes a bold – though somewhat believable claim? You know what we’re talking about: the promise of saving money, making something hassle-free, or some other desirable, intriguing product or service. Unfortunately, you know that clicking on that advertisement will probably not bring those things into reality.

How do you know this? Because you’ve been on the Internet before. Anyone can make something up and post it on a website or social media platform.

That’s why print mail is so effective. There’s just something about the tangible nature of printed direct mail that changes the way we perceive the information. By holding it in our hands, we instinctively understand that a real company sent this to us. The information within is also more likely to be verifiable if not entirely trustworthy from the moment we read it.

In other words, physical media cannot be knocked down by digital media. At Linemark, we firmly believe in the power of direct mail and want to help you with your next marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn how we can print the materials you need to succeed in your next advertising effort.

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