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When you walk through the greeting card aisle of any store, you probably ignore them 99.99% of the time. Unless there’s a specific event coming up where you’re obligated to purchase a card, you probably pretend like they don’t exist. But what if you could custom print your very own greeting cards any time – whether they’re for your loved ones or to improve your business? Ever since the arrival of online custom printing, the greeting card world has been turned on its head. The people who once said they would never send a greeting card have found new avenues for creativity and personality, and businesses have found countless ways to benefit from them while impressing their customers. Today, let’s explore the benefits of custom greeting card printing, both for your loved ones and your customers.

For Loved Ones

What’s the number one worst thing about greeting cards?

Their utter lack of originality. Not only are the ideas and sentiments you usually find in greeting cards bland and uninspired, but the fact that tens of thousands of them are circulating means that even if you find one you really like, someone else has already done it before. Plus, receiving a greeting card you know someone grabbed off a shelf at the last minute rarely leaves you feeling special.

That’s why if you want to send a greeting card to a loved one, you should have it custom printed. Not only can you design every element of the card from the imagery and finishes to the sentiments expressed, but you can ensure it’s truly one-of-a-kind. Anyone who receives a greeting card you designed will recognize the effort you put in – and as a result, they will feel special.

For Businesses

From custom printing the envelope they arrive in to adding special flourishes depending on the season or holiday, businesses can positively pack their custom printed greeting cards with personality. This means that your customers will be more likely to open them up and appreciate them. As a result, they’ll be more likely to open up to your business and show their appreciation by purchasing your products and services.

Through modern direct mail services, greeting cards can be one of the most affordable possible ways to communicate with your customers. From the materials and print process to the actual expense of shipping them out around the city, state, or country, you’ll find that greeting cards not only cost you less than many other marketing strategies but also generate a strong return on investment.

Ultimately, even people who say they’ll never be a “greeting card person” can totally change their tune if they know they can create one themselves. Even if they opt to use template designs created by talented professionals, they’ll know that their online custom greeting cards aren’t boring or cookie cutter. Instead, they’ll resonate with originality and – above all – quality.

For more information on how you can print custom greeting cards online for your loved ones or your business, reach out to the team at Linemark today.

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