Aaron Dunn

Example of custom printed business envelopes

Look around your office – how much of what you and your employees use could have your logo on it?

Customization is key to developing your brand identity. If you still use generic, bland, and boring supplies for your business, you’re seriously missing out on some big opportunities.

One great place you can use your branding liberally is on your business envelopes. Every time you send out mail – to potential customers, existing clients, or simply to your employees – you can spread your branding. If all you use are boring stock envelopes, you aren’t coming across as professional as you could be otherwise. Plus, you’re failing to spread awareness about your brand and create an image for your business that sticks.

The art of custom business envelope printing has a long and storied history. But today, let’s focus on how the use of custom envelopes creates a professional experience and demonstrates your commitment to quality as a brand.

The Difference Between Custom Business Envelopes and Stock Envelopes

Stock envelopes have been around for nearly as long as modern businesses have. Businesses use envelopes constantly, for correspondence within their business, for engaging with potential and current clients, for marketing, and much more. But if the envelopes they use are bland and plain, they’re not capitalizing on that blank space like they should.

None of this is to say that stock envelopes are useless. They’re cheap and mass-produced, easy to find in virtually any office supply store. But they betray a lack of commitment to marketing and in some cases even seem lazy.

If your organization wants to stay ahead of the curve and always open yourselves to new opportunities, you should consider custom business envelopes. You’ll make more connections with customers and spread brand awareness with every envelope. By looking at each custom printed envelope as its own small advertisement, you’ll soon see and realize their benefits.

Stock Envelope Features

  • Used for sending bills and basic correspondence
  • Good for consistency – stock envelopes are all the same
  • Very little modification available, what you see is what you get
  • Basic colors and sizes, stock envelopes are fairly standardized

Custom Envelope Features

  • Excellent for announcements, special events, unique projects, B2B efforts, direct mail efforts, and much more. Customization is key to demonstrating your commitment to quality.
  • Can have specific parchment types. Businesses can choose their own paper stock for their envelopes to make materials a part of their branding.
  • Useful in standard sizes, but can also be made in a wide range of sizes with a vast array of colors on the front and back. This allows for infinite customization for your business’s marketing efforts.
  • Create a strong first impression. Customers will see your branding and logos and immediately recognize you as a brand committed to quality.
  • Typically are sturdier and made from superior materials when compared to stock envelopes. Not only will custom envelopes last longer than stock envelopes, but they’ll make more of an impact on recipients.
  • Special marketing projects can use custom envelopes to seal the deal and add an extra layer of marketing excellence.


As you can see, custom printed envelopes are an exceptional way for businesses of all sizes to demonstrate their value. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established enterprise, using custom business envelopes can transform your marketing efforts overnight.

At Linemark, we’ve provided custom business envelopes for countless customers. If you’d like to enhance your marketing and take advantage of the benefits of these custom envelopes, reach out to the Linemark team today.

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