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Special event booths with print materials

Think about the last time you went to an exciting special event. What stood out to you the most about the rooms in which the event took place?

Your first thought may be the entertainment, the booths, the speakers, and the floor of the event itself. These were all well-lit, eye-catching aspects of the event – but how were your eyes directed to them? How did you acquire information (consciously and subconsciously) about the event itself, and how did you form lasting memories connected to the organization hosting the event?

We think you know the answer: the graphics. The banners, flags, posters, and signage everywhere that proudly declared what the event was about, who was there, and what was happening next.

The truth is that without printed materials for events, you simply cannot engage as many people or create as strong a sense of legitimacy as you should. Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful print materials for special events you can use at your next big business outing!


Banners are genuinely the best way to convey to an audience that an event is happening in the first place. These large pieces of branded signage can be huge attention-getters that communicate everything your business needs to say about your special event. When designing your printed banner, the options are limitless – but make sure you get the right message across!


Whether these are free-standing or hanging flags, showing your colors is a great way to draw the eye and direct the crowd to the right location every time. One of the core elements of branding, incorporating your logo and brand colors into a lightweight, highly functional flag is an excellent way to liven up your special event.


When you need to explain multiple events, locations, or to tell the story behind your big day, brochure printing for special events is an excellent branding and information strategy. Since brochures are made up of multiple pages, you can pass them out at the beginning of the day to give your crowd a guidebook on everything they need to succeed at your event.

Promo Posters

If you need indoor or outdoor messaging for your special event, promotional posters are another great piece of print marketing for special events you can use. Ask your event printing partner if they offer weatherproof stock so your poster can stay durable throughout the duration of your special event.

Leaflets and Flyers

There’s no easier way to spread the word than with a flyer or leaflet for your special event. You can double up on page numbers and information with folded leaflets, or simply show off the main picture and title of your event on a simple flyer – the options are limitless!

Business Cards

Don’t forget one of the most important parts of any special event – networking! And the best way to make sure your new connections can always find your information is by printing unique business cards for your special event. Passing out business cards is a great way to get your name, phone number, and business info into the wallets or rolodexes of everyone you meet.

Ready to plan out the printed graphics for your business’s next special event? Contact the commercial printing project experts at Linemark today!

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