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If you’ve just spent hundreds of hours planning, writing, and illustrating your children’s book, you know you want it to succeed. The children’s book market is booming as parents are always looking for new authors to share with their kids – and you know you can be one of them.

That’s what makes the next step so important. Finding the right children’s book printing service and determining the perfect form for your book are critical to getting your book into the hands of parents and their kids everywhere.

So when you first set out to print your self-published children’s book, make it hardcover. We’re not saying that every children’s book printed must be hardcover – quite the contrary. But let us spend a little time explaining the benefits of hardcover printing for children’s books and why you should always have it as an option for your readers.

Benefits of Hardcover Children’s Books

Whether you want to print one book or one thousand, remember that its purpose is to draw and hold a child’s attention. Where books for adults can be incredibly plain (single color covers with small boring font on the cover, and nothing but text inside), children’s books often rely on eye-catching colors and illustrations. When you choose a hardcover, you can print in full color with striking imagery on both the front and back as well as the spine. You should also laminate hardcovers with high-gloss or matte finishes to protect against stains, scratches, spills, and more.

Softcovers are simply not made to withstand the tests a child reader will put them through over time. Think back to your own childhood – which books lasted the longest? Do any of them still exist today – and if so, what is their current quality? In our experience, some of the hardcovers we had are still around now and just as readable as they were when we were children, even if they do look well-loved!

Quality is Essential

The importance of quality for hardcover books for kids cannot be understated. Kids are notoriously tough on their possessions, and if they are book-lovers (which so many kids are!), you have to make sure your self-published book can stand up to wear and tear. If your book is so good that they want to read it or have it read to them over and over again, you have to make sure the book is a) easy to find on the bookshelf or pushed under the coffee table and b) easy to hold and manipulate for smaller hands. The higher the quality of your book, the more fun it will be to read and the longer it’ll last for repeated enjoyment.

Linemark’s Premium Hardcover Children’s Book Printing

Self-publishing a children’s book is not an easy task, but with a professional book printing company as your partner, you can rest easy knowing we can handle the hardest parts for you. Our professional children’s book printing services and low per-unit costs mean you can have a quality hardcover book printed quickly and delivered into the hands of readers around the world.

For more information on Linemark’s hardcover children’s book printing services, contact a member of our team today.

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