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Business notepad resulting from notepad marketing is effective

Marketing notepads have more function than most other marketing materials. The main reason anyone picks up a notepad is because they intend to use it, to leaf through its many pages, and to store valuable information inside its binding. If you create a notepad that’s more than just the paper attached to it, you’re one step ahead in the marketing game.

But how can you truly boost your brand with notepad marketing? Make a product that will stick around for months or even years and remind its users of your value as a business. Here’s how!

Stay Consistent Throughout

You know the importance of quality branding. Your logo, color scheme, font choice, and more must be strong enough to appeal to your target audience. If you’ve already got solid branding, it’s time to apply it to your marketing notepads.

The important thing here is to maintain that consistency throughout the notepad. From the front cover to the headers, footers, and the back pages/rear cover, don’t allow any clunky design. Your branding should blend into the background and allow users plenty of space to write their notes.

Stay Subtle

When most effective, your notepad branding should act almost as subliminal messaging. If someone grabs your notepad to write down an address, phone number, or the time they should pick up their prescription, allow that to be their focus. But while they might not immediately notice your company logo and contact information, their brains did.

Like with any advertisement, you want to stick in the viewer or readers brain for a long time afterward. The benefit of marketing notepads is that users interact with them time and time again. Each time, your brand will subtly lodge itself further into their minds until they could recognize your logo and your business anywhere. As a result, they’ll be more likely to want to do business with you.

Use Your Own Marketing Notepads Frequently

There are few better ways to promote your own products than to use them yourself. This demonstrates that you have strong faith in your own brand.

Even though everyone has a smart phone in their pocket capable of taking notes and communicating with the whole world, you can still use a paper notepad to jot down your ideas. As a business owner, you always have something in mind – so write it down on a notepad with your company logo on the top of every page.

This also means you’ll want your marketing notepads to be made from even higher quality. Since you’ll be using it yourself, you don’t want it made poorly. That’s why it’s critical to partner with a commercial printing company known for producing exceptional printed products.

At Linemark, we love working with businesses seeking to spread awareness for their brands. But we won’t compromise an inch when it comes to quality. Team up with us and we’ll help you create phenomenal branded marketing notepads that you and your customers will love to use every day.

For more information on notepad marketing, reach out to the Linemark team today.

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