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When you work with marketing posters, you’ll probably feel like your small business has finally “made it.” After all, you’re presenting yourself in one of the biggest, flashiest ways possible short of a full-sized billboard.

But how effective are marketing posters, really?

The truth is that they are inherently rather effective – even if all they display is your business name, a list of services, and your contact information. But if that’s all you use your marketing posters for, you’re leaving a lot of potential on the table. Let’s discuss the best ways your small business can maximize the potential for your marketing posters.

Maintain a Clear Marketing Poster Design

While you never want to waste the full potential of a piece of marketing material, you should still recognize that less is often more. Of course, that “less” should still include more than simple text.

Your best bet is to find another business whose poster design you really like. One that has been very successful – such as from a major, celebrated brand in your industry. Emulate their design in your own – without plagiarism – and improve on it. Add your own unique touches that are specific to your brand.

The clearer the design, the easier the message will come across to potential customers.

Keep the Message Simple

When people pass by your poster, make sure the message immediately “pops.” In other words, your intentions should be known immediately. If your marketing poster tries to convey too much information at the same time, readers might get lost and give up on trying to understand it.

You’ve probably seen those TV commercials that bury their message under tons of symbolism. Some even forget the message altogether with their marketing posters and show something completely unrelated before showing their logo at the end.

For the most part, these brands are usually already widely known. They don’t have to spend a lot of time getting their specific message out there. But for small businesses like yours, it’s critical to use every square inch of your print marketing materials to properly convey your message.

Call Readers to Action

Any words you choose on your marketing poster should direct readers to a specific action. Whether that action is to pick up the phone and give you a call, stop by your business, or visit your website, make sure everything on the poster leads to that action.

Think about it. If you print a beautiful poster with incredible artwork on an elegant design without a call to action, all you’ve really done is give people something pretty to look at. Unless you’re in the art business, that’s probably not going to end up in many sales.

This means your poster should use words like “choose,” “visit,” “stop by,” “go,” or “buy.”

Find the Right Poster Printing Company

Just getting your feet on the ground as a small business? You probably don’t have a fully functional print lab with high-quality equipment ready to produce a series of marketing posters. That’s why you should leave the complicated work of poster printing to the professionals.

The marketing poster printing experts at Linemark are here to help you get the job done. Contact us today to get started printing your marketing poster project!

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