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Stack of magazines shows businesses taking advantage of cheap magazine printing

Want to start your own magazine brand? Have an existing brand that could be shared in the magazine format? There are a vast array of reasons why affordable magazine printing could be great for your business. Let’s explore four of those in today’s blog post!

1. Magazine Printing is Better than Virtual

When most people go to a website, they’re only spending a few minutes at most. They might scan it for ten or twenty seconds before closing it out. After all, they’d rather be scrolling endlessly through Twitter or Instagram.

But with a magazine, people want to leaf through all of the pages. They want to know what each page holds. And if the content is high-quality and appealing, they’re more likely to absorb it.

If your brand goes with affordable magazine printing, you can expect better returns from readers. Especially if you compare your costs on a magazine versus a digital ad on a social media platform.

2. Even Cheap Magazines Last Longer

Have you tried a digital advertisement before? Odds are good you had to keep paying for it each month (or week) for it to stay up on the page. Social media advertising may generate clicks, but what you really want is longevity and readership.

Magazines have a very long shelf life. They’ll occupy coffee tables, bookstores, waiting rooms, boutiques, and supermarkets for ages. Countless people walk by them and examine their contents. And when they purchase your magazine, they’ll be that much more likely to make another purchase.

Even an affordable magazine print job can guarantee your brand, your printed materials, will stay in circulation. Don’t rely on tiny sections of a web page to attract new customers for months or even years to come.

3. Range of Readers

Once someone has finished reading your magazine, they aren’t likely to throw it away. Instead, they’ll pass it on to family members, roommates, or friends. This means you’ll increase your reach toward potential customers.

Think about it. How often have you read a magazine and then left it on the kitchen table, only for someone else to pick it up and read it. If there had been convincing content inside, that’s two people who might be convinced. But then the second person might take it elsewhere, pass it onto a third, etc.

Affordable magazine printing is one of the best ways to guarantee multiple sets of eyes on your advertisements, your products, and your services.

4. Establishes Your Brand

Your target audience will quickly realize your commitment to quality when they see you’ve printed a magazine. Your products, services, and brand identity are present on every page.

Consumers know inherently that printing a magazine requires dedication. They know you had to come up with all the content and design. They’ll know you’re a worthwhile company to do business with.

And, when they spread it around to their friends and family, they’ll recognize it too.

Want to learn more about cheap magazine printing services? At Linemark, we use our high-quality digital and offset printing capabilities to print exceptional magazines at affordable prices for our customers.

For more information, give us a call today.

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