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List of clients in a printed member directory

If your organization has a long list of members, you should consider printing a member directory. Not only will this help you keep track of everyone who is a part of your organization – it’ll also help you store their important contact information and other useful details.

The groups that most commonly print member directories include chambers of commerce, schools, local clubs, churches, trade associations, and bulk or wholesale suppliers. They find their membership directories not only critical to their daily business, but also a great way to increase their revenue.

In this post, we’ll describe the various benefits of printing a member directory and how you can get yours printed ASAP!

Encouraging Greater Membership

For your organization to flourish, you need to bring in and keep quality members. With a printed directory, you can underscore the benefits of membership. Plus, you can demonstrate how attractive becoming a member is to others.

Additionally, printing a directory allows you to show off the accomplishments of your members. Highlighting the history of your organization, sharing useful information, and providing a vision for the future makes more people want to become a part of it.

Staying Connected

With a properly built directory, you and your members will be able to keep in contact. Both leadership and lower ranking members gain access to one another and can reach out whenever necessary. You can also group members into categories – alphabetically, geographically, by rank, or specialty. A well-made directory sorts these groups with tabs and indexes. This allows anyone to leaf through the pages and find exactly who they’re looking for. You can even encourage interaction between members by scheduling events and meet-ups in the directory itself.

Creating More Profitability

If your directory is high quality, you can enlist advertisers to fill many of the pages. These products and services can be specifically interesting to your organization’s members. The revenue you gain from the ads can lead to further fundraising, or pay for the costs of the directory printing service itself. Plus, you can encourage continued membership renewal in the directory and include envelopes members can use to mail in their dues.

Adding Value

Receiving a membership directory as a member reminds you of the organization’s importance. Not only can you see what has happened each year and who is a part of the organization, you feel like you’ve earned a place in its history. Membership directories can include news, important dates, contact info for leaders, articles of interest, updates, surveys, and much more. Adverts can include special discounts that only members have access to. In other words, your directory can be the most important thing a member receives each year or quarter.

Printing Your Member Directory

When it’s time to have your printed directory created, make sure that you get started early. Spend time discussing the goal of the directory with your printing partner. Allowing them to know exactly what you’re looking for means there’ll be smaller chances of mistakes and a greater chance of success down the road.

If you’d like to print your next member directory, trust the team at Linemark. We can help you with both the printing process and the distribution of the document itself. For more information, give us a call today.


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