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No matter the size of your college or university, you know you have some serious printing needs. Every semester, you have to print countless course catalogs, handouts, welcome packets, flyers, and more. The faculty and staff require fairly constant printing, and so does your administrative staff. Simply put, university printing is a big challenge to overcome.

Even the biggest universities find frustration in their yearly printing woes. But there’s no reason to feel like you can’t accomplish even the most difficult university printing tasks. Today, let’s talk about the print issues higher education organizations face and how they can be solved.

University Printing Challenges

Think about the last time your college or university had to send out letters to alumni or invitations. They likely required tons of effort for binding, folding, gluing, cutting, coating, and more. Were your campus printers up to the task? Were you satisfied with the results?

The fact is that universities often allocate their resources in ways that better suit their students and their faculty/staff. If you have to set aside a considerable portion of your budget (and time) to university printing projects, you’ll ultimately feel like you’re wasting valuable resources.

While not every university printing project requires branded material, they all need to be fulfilled properly. This can require hours of work that could be spent elsewhere. Even simple memos and reminder letters need to be properly folded and distributed, and they should use proper letterhead and official envelopes.

That’s where a professional printing company for universities can make a huge difference – both in time spent and money saved.

Ideal Print Solutions for Schools

If you’re a small school looking to recruit more students this year or a large university wanting to dazzle your alumni, you want to know your printing needs are handled perfectly. That’s why you should partner with a printing company with a long history of working with institutions, organizations, businesses, and individuals.

At Linemark, we proudly provide the printing services universities need. Our goal is to create the highest quality printed materials in a timely fashion at competitive pricing. Both our quick service and exceptional products come with the same guarantees as in-house printing – especially if confidentiality is critical for your printing project.

Our printing solutions include:

  • High-speed digital black/white and color printing
  • Multi-color offset printing
  • Large format printing
  • On-demanding printing
  • Letterhead, envelopes, business cards
  • Programs, tickets, newsletters
  • Direct mailers
  • Flyers, booklets, manuals, brochures, posters
  • Cards, announcements, invitations
  • Promotional materials like pens, bags, folders, labels, and much more

By relieving the pressures of finishing each printing project, they’re free to focus on what matters most: providing quality educational resources for their students. We’ll take care of printing, binding, and fulfillment requests for every segment of their schools. Whether it’s individual departments, specific schools, or the entire university, Linemark has the equipment, materials, and expertise you need to get any university printing project finished.

For more information on our university printing services, reach out to a member of the Linemark team today.

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