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Flyer printing and distribution is one of the most affordable ways for any business to market its products and services. The most important part of flyer marketing is where your customers see them, or how they receive them.

We’ve talked in the past about designing a high-quality flyer for your business. But today, we’ll discuss how you can get the most outreach with your flyers and get the most important eyes on them. Get your flyers noticed with this list of the best places to distribute your business flyers!

Flyer Marketing at Local Community Events

Have a booth at a concert, festival, trade show, or elsewhere? Give your flyers out to everyone who stops by. You can also walk around the event with a stack of flyers and hand them out to anyone who’ll take one. Be sure to wear branded clothing and direct them to your booth (or your store) so they know where to go next.

Bulletin Boards Around Town

A classic strategy from the beginning of businesses (and towns) is to hang up important messages on a community bulletin board. Whether it’s at the post office or the grocery store, countless people will walk through those doors each day. If they see your flyer pinned to the bulletin board, they’ll absolutely take a look. That way, they’ll find out about whatever you want them to know and be that much more likely to take the next steps toward doing business with you.

In Packages for Customers

Do you ship out products to your customers doors? Whether you have an online store or deliver your products in person, inserting your printed marketing flyers is ideal for getting them into their hands. Remember that this means they’ve already made a purchase. In other words, these particular flyers should be focused more toward customer retention than acquisition.

Flyer Printing Directly to Your Customers

If you run a retail store, you have direct interactions with your customers every day. While it’s true that they’re already in the store – great job, by the way – you can still spread information with flyers.

Every time they make a purchase, slip a flyer into their shopping bag. Or, ask if they’d like to take one on their way out. Strategically placing them throughout

On Social Media Like Facebook

While this may seem antithetical to a print marketing blog, social media has its place in flyer marketing. This is especially true when your main focus is spreading word about your business in your community. Since you’ve already designed your flyers digitally and sent them to a flyer printing company, you have the files available. Posting them on your Facebook or Twitter pages is a great way to get the message out to people who might not otherwise get a hold of one of your physical flyers.

Direct Mail

At this point, avid readers of the Linemark blog know how much we love direct mail for business marketing. If you intend to send out mailers anytime this year, you can always include a flyer in the mailer envelope. Or, you can utilize your existing direct mail list and send out the flyers to everyone as an additional mailing item.

Are you getting ready to print business flyers? If so, ensure they’re the highest possible quality by partnering with a flyer printing company like Linemark. We have the design tools and phenomenal printing equipment to print any number of high-quality flyers you need. Contact the team at Linemark today to get started!

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