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Custom printed subscription box arriving in the mail

If you shop online often, you’ve probably come across subscription boxes from a variety of retailers. In recent years, they’ve exploded in popularity. In 2021, they generated $22.7 billion – by 2027, that market should increase to $65 billion or even higher.

So what if your business were to try subscription boxes? They’re definitely working for the brands that try them – why shouldn’t you?

But if you do try to bring in customers to subscribe for monthly packages, you can’t skimp on the boxes themselves. You’ll make far more of an impact with custom printed subscription boxes than plain, boring packaging stuffed with your products.

Today, let’s discuss the benefits of subscription boxes and how you can make them unique for your brand.

What is a Subscription Box?

Simply put, a subscription box allows people to pay a monthly or annual fee and continue receiving cool products from a brand or mix of brand on a regular basis. Whether it’s food, decorations, perfumes, clothing, toys, collectibles, or any other product, there’s likely a subscription box for it.

The best thing about them is how excited people are to receive them each month. Everyone loves ordering something online and the dopamine rush of anticipating its arrival. But once it gets to you, you know you’re in for a treat. It’s like having a present to open all the time.

That’s why if you want to go the subscription box route, you need to make a stronger impact with your packaging. When it arrives, it should look proud and exciting. Display your brand identity as powerfully as possible all over the box. Show your logo on every side, detail the products you sell, and hint at other options your customers could explore.

Subscription Boxes are Pandemic-Proof

When people are locked inside, receiving a subscription box can make them feel the same emotions as if they’d gone out shopping for themselves. That’s why subscription services exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic and aren’t going anywhere.

This product security is pretty new in the world of online shopping. As more brands move over to it in our increasingly uncertain world, make sure you get started ASAP. And when you do, remember the importance of custom printed packaging.

Part of Your Business or Your Whole Business

Many businesses have started recently that only offer subscription-based products. Previously, existing brands would ship out their products to customers. But now, companies are forming across the world that never sold products until new customers subscribed.

Whether you’re an existing brand with a huge amount of built-in clientele or a newcomer to the scene, you can benefit from selling subscription boxes. As long as you have enough diversity in your products that each month or every few months you can send out something new, you’re golden. Additionally, if you have a product that people can’t live without (even if you sell something like batteries!), you’ll benefit.

Just remember, you have to partner with a commercial printing company that understands your business. Each subscription box should represent your brand and be made from the highest quality materials. The design should be superb – and it shouldn’t get stale.

At Linemark, we’re just as new to the subscription box world as you are – but we’ve been printing for decades. We know how to make the highest quality packaging, stickers, labels, product catalogs, inserts, and more. Reach out to us to learn how you can partner with us today!

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