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Fundraising through print marketing ideas

Fundraising Campaigns

Your organization is growing – that’s awesome! Now it’s time to consider starting a fundraising campaign. A good fundraising campaign offers many possibilities for creating engaging opportunities for new donors.

There are so many exciting fundraising campaign possibilities out there. Take a look through these ideas and the print services you can use along with them!

Fun Runs

Holding a 10k race or a 1-mile walk is a great way to get the community out and actively participating in your fundraiser. Adding custom-printed inflatable arches for the finish line and engraved awards can set your race apart. Full-color posters and mail-outs are another great way to advertise your event.

Cause Boxes

Cause boxes are an easy, fully customizable way to do a fundraiser. First, you’ll need to create a themed, custom-printed box. Then, select five or more items to fill the boxes. Utilize a print company to print the box, provide customizable merchandise, and handle any additional print materials like brochures and postcards. Finding a company that can provide all of these different components can go a long way in simplifying the process of creating a custom cause box for your fundraiser. You’ll also see an increase in profits by utilizing a single print company that can do it all versus using multiple companies.

Letter/Newsletters for Fundraising

Writing letters and newsletters to donors is a fantastic way to fundraise. With letters or newsletters, you can inform past and potential donors about where and how their donations have been used. You can also inform donors of where more donations are still needed. Here at Linemark, we can help your organization with printing letters, newsletters, and custom envelopes. In addition to these services, Linemark can provide comprehensive direct mailing services which include printing, imaging, data management, mailing, and more.

Raffles for Fundraising

Everyone loves a good raffle! Raffles are a great way to raise funds while giving the donors a chance at a fun prize. Instead of using a boring, tear-off raffle ticket, try a custom raffle card. Creating fun, visually pleasing raffle cards helps to increase potential profits as it makes the donor feel they are getting something more substantial with their donation. The raffle cards create the perfect opportunity for you to share more about your organization and get donors excited about becoming an annual donor.

Pre-made Sales Kits

We have all seen the pre-made sales kits that you take door-to-door. These are easy for schools and athletic associations to utilize. Take your kit up a notch by providing students/athletes with laminated QR code cards. They can take these cards with them to allow customers to place orders digitally, directly from their phones. No more guessing at handwriting or trying to read orders from crumpled up or wet order forms. Parents will thank you for having one less paper form to keep up with.

Creating and starting a fundraising campaign can be exciting and even feel a bit overwhelming. The team here at Linemark is here to help. Our team is ready to handle all of your fundraising campaign print and mailing needs. Contact us today to learn more!


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