Aaron Dunn

Poster printing mistakes you can learn from

1. Using the Wrong Imagery

The image or images you choose for your poster printing must make an impact. They should go along with your branding and support your messaging.

Anyone can find an attractive stock photo online. But how well does it match your business specifically?

Sure, you may just want something aesthetically pleasing you can put your logo over. But when poster printing, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Carefully consider the imagery you use on all posters – that way, people will know you’re committed to quality work.

2. Unreadable Text

If your text is illegible, your poster will hardly get the job done. Whether that means fuzzy text from poor print quality or it’s too small (a design flaw), this is a big mistake. Every piece of text on your business poster must be readable and make sense to readers.

You should always think about how far away readers will be from your poster. If it’s in your window for people to read while passing by, they’ll probably only be a few feet away. But if you’re at a convention or advertising in a big public space, think big.

Make sure to double-check the size of your poster text and how clear it is before printing. The last thing you want is to order dozens of copies of a poster no one will be able to read!

3. Too Much Information

While this goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, you should never overwhelm your reader. Too much text is very similar to unreadable text.


Because no one will want to read it! Posters should convey all their information within a few seconds. If someone has to stop in place to read the fine print, you’ll lose countless customers. Instead, think short and to-the-point. Use calls-to-action as the primary text on the poster. That way, the information they do read will be the most useful for them and your business.

4. Printing the Wrong Amount of Posters

If your budget is tiny, you want to make sure to get the most for your money. That means you shouldn’t overdo it and print dozens of posters when only a few can get the job done. Think about where your business posters will go and where they should be seen. Then, figure out the exact right amount you’ll need.

You also should never print too few posters than needed. On-demand printing is often best as a one-and-done service per project. Contacting your printer for another print run may cost a bit more in the long run than getting all the posters you need printed at once.

5. Poor Poster Printing Quality

This we saved for last: poor quality posters mean poor results. While it’s tempting to find the cheapest paper and print service, it won’t do you good in the long run.

Firstly, that cheap poster printing won’t last nearly as long. You could spend a little more money on each poster and hang them for weeks or even months longer than you expected. Secondly, if the print quality is bad, people will associate that ugly poster with your business.

You want to convey a commitment for quality, right? If so, choose a professional printing partner that uses high quality materials. At Linemark, we’re ready to handle all your poster printing needs, so call us today!

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