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Digital printer enabling on-demand printing services


Every year, technological advancements give us something new to celebrate. And since on-demand printing first took the marketing world by storm, it has continued to evolve in exciting ways.

These days, businesses have learned that sending out flyers and other direct mail pieces can be seriously enhanced through on-demand printing coupled with digital printing presses. The variations are endless and allow specifically targeted marketing projects that generate incredible results.

Today, let’s take a closer look at how the relationship between on-demand printing and digital printing have transformed marketing for good.

Digital Printing Means Better Targeted Marketing Efforts

Because digital printing enables businesses and their marketing teams to come up with virtually anything they can think of, there is an infinite potential for creativity and marketing success. And since digital printing allows for variation within projects, every piece of content that leaves a digital press can be completely different from the last.

Marketers can make initial contact with prospective clients and learn more information about which services or products will work best for their needs. With this feedback, marketers can construct future direct mail efforts around the information they have learned and better target individual clients. This one-to-one marketing strategy is a direct benefit of on-demand printing and would not be nearly as cost-effective without the aid of digital printing solutions.

Digital Printing Saves Money Long-Term

While digital printing may cost slightly more from piece to piece compared to offset printing, on-demand printing’s greater potential for returns on investments means it can be much more affordable in the long-term.

For instance, if you create 1000 flyers through offset printing and send them out to homes in your community, you might expect a five-percent response rate or less. While that five-percent would more than make up for the cost of your direct mail marketing project, it still means that the overwhelming majority of those flyers did not convert a sale and therefore went to waste. Sure, they got your branding out and associated your business with quality in potential customers’ minds, but they didn’t lead to sales.

But if you learned specific facts about your potential customers and sent out only 500 flyers with targeted messaging, you might be able to generate a twenty- to forty-percent response rate. In other words, the cost to convert each of those responses divided by the number of eventual sales can go down dramatically.

Personalization is Key

Every single component of a marketer’s promotional campaign can be changed through digital printing. Whether this means adding your prospective client’s name to the top of the page, changing a phone number for a client to call, or altering the imagery and color choices to better appeal to your target client, this level of personalization can have a dramatic impact.

Advertising has spent the better part of the last hundred years tweaking itself to better appeal to the broadest possible audience. But now, the combination of on-demand printing and digital printing means that you can save your broad marketing efforts for specific times of the year and instead focus the majority of your time focused on winning over the clients who matter most.

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