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Man appreciates custom catalog printing by small business

People of all ages love printed catalogs. That’s why catalog printing is still so popular for businesses in a huge number of industries.

With a well-designed catalog, you can provide your customers with valuable information about your products, services, and your business. Plus, you’ll establish trust and seem more professional every time a customer encounters your catalog.

Catalog printing may be a big undertaking, but with this helpful guide, you can create an exceptional catalog for your business.

Simple & Consistent Design in Catalog Printing

Before you hit print, you want to know your design is consistent throughout. The easiest way to ensure this is to keep all of your design elements as simple as possible. Distracting your customers with overly flashy design elements is a no-no in catalog printing.

Your best bet is to stick to these principles:

  • Engaging colors and images that reflect your branding.
  • Font styles, colors, and sizes that are easy to read.
  • Using white space to your advantage – never having too much or too little on a page.
  • Removing unnecessary elements.
  • Knowing what size the final product will be.
  • High-resolution imagery.
  • Maintaining the same “feel” throughout the document.

Small Details Simple & Consistent Design

One great way to nail catalog design is to make it enjoyable for your readers. Incorporating small, exciting details that surprise readers makes it more memorable. Your marketing department should be able to think of a few great items to include that should do the trick. Some of these could include:

  • Useful information, like recipes and ingredient lists (if you’re in the food industry).
  • Discount codes, thank you notes, or other custom messages.
  • Interactive elements like quizzes, coloring pages, or cartoons – especially for children.

That is by no means a comprehensive list. Depending on your specific industry, your printed catalog can include a TON of fun, minor details that will make your customers excited to return to it.

Great Organization

Never let your catalog be confusing to interact with. The last thing you want is for your customers to not be able to understand your products, services, and pricing. That’s why the information you include should always be:

  • Simple to follow. You want to guide them from page to page to the information they need.
  • Focused on specific information that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Organized by headings, subheadings, and images.
  • Clean and concise without too much information. Rather than overloading pages, just add more pages!
  • Specific and precisely worded – without packing each page with text.
  • Interesting and attractive. If you bore them after one page, you won’t convert many sales.

Proper Messaging in Catalog Printing

Every element of your printed catalog should serve a singular purpose: conveying your specific message. For most businesses, that message is something like this: “Our products and services are both superior and affordable. Here’s where you can find them!” You can also include QR codes to send them somewhere online that enhances that message.

Make sure that everything in your catalog works toward this goal. Otherwise, scrap anything that fails to pull it off.

Want to learn more about catalog printing for your business? At Linemark, we love partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them with their printed catalogs. Contact a representative from our team today to learn more!

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