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Touching customers' hearts with print marketing

You know what it’s like to receive junk mail that you quickly throw in the trash. You’ve rolled your eyes at advertisements before. You’ve groaned at companies trying desperately to get your attention. When it comes to your business’s direct mail marketing efforts, don’t let this happen. Instead, you need to make sure you can stand out in the hearts of your customers.

In order to do this, you have to be attention-grabbing and eye-catching. You have to create a message that sticks, one that resonates with the people who engage with it. Your branding needs to positively pop off the page and stay in viewers’ memories. You have to print your way into their hearts.

Here’s how.

Be Bold

Never slack on the colors you use for your branding. No graphic designer wants to make something dull and boring, just like no marketer would use bland language to sell a product or service. When you create or reimagine your business branding, choose bold colors. Your direct mail marketing should be vivid and exciting, with accent colors that complement your primary palette.

Depending on which time of year you send out direct mail, find appropriate colors that work with your branding and enhance it. And when you create a message, make sure it appeals to emotion and sincerity.

Show You’re Cut Out for Any Task with Cutouts

Just because letters are usually rectangles folded into smaller rectangles doesn’t mean you have to stick with the basics every year. Classic envelopes are great, and so are custom envelopes with your business’s branding, but those shouldn’t make up 100% of your strategy. Instead, consider cutouts.

If it’s Valentine’s Day, send a heart-shaped cutout direct mailer. Is your local sports team dominating this year? Send out a football- or basketball-shaped mailer. If it’s winter-time, try a snowflake! There are virtually countless cutout styles you can try that will definitely stand out in a mailbox. Your customers will be excited to check them out and your efforts will pay off in big ways.

Have Some Direct Mail Personality

Marketers may think about human beings in demographic terms, but people are people. At the end of the day, they want to feel special. They want to feel like you know them, or care to know them.

When you send out direct mailers, use their names. Create individual letters with details that only they could know. Did you have a great interaction with them the last time they were in your store? Remind them of it! People love feeling known and remembered – it’s a great way into their hearts.

Ultimately, your first goal with marketing is to be noticed and remembered. But after that, you want to get your audience to take action. When you send out direct mail, make sure recipients know what to do next. After you’ve gotten their hearts involved, they’ll be eager to do business with you.

Not sure how to get the job done? Or do you know exactly what you want, but you neither have the time nor the equipment to accomplish it? Either way, the professionals at Linemark are here to help you get started and finished. Reach out to our team today!

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