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As soon as digital media became a major player in marketing, many assumed the print media industry would fall apart. They thought paper would soon become obsolete and that businesses would no longer want to print their marketing materials. Many believed consumers would be happy to be rid of paper and that binding and packaging would have little effect on their spending. But now that the Internet has become an everyday part of modern society, it’s clear that we still love printed materials. And the way you present those materials is more important than ever – especially when it comes to the custom print finishes your business chooses.

Consumer Desire for Tactile Functionality

Researchers have performed countless studies on the way human beings receive and process marketing. Researchers have determined that brands make more of an impact on consumers by considering the sensory elements of their branding. Seeing an image on a screen isn’t enough for consumers to develop a strong connection to a brand. They need a tactile experience to truly solidify that bond.

When brands create one-of-a-kind printed materials with a range of textures, colors, and unique graphic design, they instantly create a stronger link to consumers. The way marketing materials feel in the hand, the fact that your potential customers now have a physical object connected to your brand – can mean all the difference in long-term business success.

Whether you send out a direct mail item, provide informational brochures, or create a wide variety of promotional products that feature your branding, the way you present those products can make or break their success.

Custom Finishes for Business Marketing Materials

Anyone can print a page out of a copy machine, but would you want that flimsy piece of paper to represent your business? No – you want to present a more sophisticated image with a custom print finish like:

  • Embossing – Embossing creates an element of depth to an image or font, as well as added textures that are appealing to customers who will soon find themselves running their fingertips over your logo or company name.
  • Metallic or foil – Metallic and foil finishes leap off the page and capture the eye’s attention. Their reflective, shiny nature makes any piece of branding look more exquisite and expensive, which adds to the perceived value of your materials.
  • Cutting – Few forms of finishes appear as artistic as designs cut into your material with lasers. Virtually any image or text can be cut into an object with a laser – so feel free to experiment!
  • Lamination – If you want your marketing documents to stand the test of time, you have few better options than lamination. Laminating a document works especially well if you intend to use it time and time again, such as with a brochure, instructional pamphlet, menu, etc.

Choose a Commercial Printer Offering Custom Finishes

The most successful companies in any industry think carefully about the way the general public perceives them. They know they can simply put a big sign out in front of their building and hope the customers come pouring in, but they tend to go the extra mile with their marketing. That’s why they choose custom finishes for their business marketing materials.

If you have an upcoming print marketing project, contact Linemark today to learn about our selection of custom finishing options!

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