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When blogging first rose to popularity, it transformed the way writers communicated with the world. But established authors and journalists weren’t the only people who attracted huge audiences to their blog posts – virtually anyone with a computer and a way to post their blog online could become a celebrated author.

In many cases, blogs can be a fantastic source of revenue. From advertising revenue to paywalls and other subscription fees, the best content can generate loads of money for talented writers. Regardless of what type of blog you have, your readers can essentially be seen as your customers.

Many bloggers have reached a point in their writing careers when they realize that the sheer volume of work they have produced could be neatly printed and bound into a book. That book could then be sold, or simply kept on a shelf as a physical reminder of their accomplishments.

After all, why not?

Preparing Your Blog for Printing

The biggest hurdle for any writer seeking to self-publish a book is, of course, writing the book. But if you’re a long-time blogger, you’ve already written all the words! The next step is to organize them in a way that will make perfect sense to the reader. Think of each individual blog as a new chapter, and work on structuring them to provide a logical flow of information.

For instance, if you write a travel blog and detail your adventures around the world, you could organize each “chapter” in chronological order. Or, you could put those chapters together based on region, state, country, or continent. Ultimately, the way you structure your own writing is up to you.

The next step is editing your work. You can do this yourself, as many self-published authors do, or you can hire an editor. Again, it’s your work and your choice on the best way to put your words to paper.

The Book Design and Printing Process

Now that you have your words in the right order without a single piece of punctuation out of place, it’s time to think about how the actual book itself will look. Do you want paperback or hardcover? Will you include a detailed image on the cover, like a photo or illustration, or use large font with your book’s title and author name?

Next, you have to decide what type of print run is best for your needs. Will a short-run custom book printing service do the trick, or do you plan on sending out thousands of copies to friends, family, and fans? Depending on your specific goals, it’s important to speak with a reputable book printing service provider to hammer out all the details on your blog-to-book printing project.

Have questions about the design and printing process for transforming your blog into a printed book? At Linemark, we’re long-time professionals in the print design and marketing industry. For more information on how we can help you achieve your printing and publishing dreams, contact a member of the Linemark team today.

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