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Car that could use bumper sticker printing

How much have you spent on advertising since you started your business? It’s probably in the many thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. But have you ever tried bumper sticker printing?

Every time marketers try to come up with new and innovative ways to market a business, they have some great ideas. But what if advertising could be as simple as a small sticker slapped on the bumper of a car?

Today, let’s talk about the benefits of bumper sticker printing for businesses.

Unconventional Way to Attract Customers

You’ve heard of all the most popular ways to draw in more customers. Google Ads, social media posts, radio and television commercials, magazine ads, and more. Businesses pay tens of thousands of dollars to “influencers” online to spread word about their products every day.

But none of these are guaranteed to get people to see your advertisement. Sometimes, the most certain means of getting eyes on the prize is the most unconventional method. With bumper sticker printing, you know that thousands of people will see your advertisement – simply because it’s on the car in front of them!

Everyone Looks at Bumper Stickers

How many bumper stickers do you see every time you drive your car down the highway? If you live in a big city where stops are frequent (traffic, red lights, stop signs), you read those stickers. Some are funny, some are political. Some are inspirational, while some are edgy and cool. People love decorating the backs of their vehicles with these stickers – and people love reading them.

Think about it this way. How many times have you seen a car with tons of bumper stickers, too many to read at once? Don’t you wish you had a few more seconds to scan all of them and understand the message?

Because everyone looks at bumper stickers, yours will definitely get noticed. If you print a quality bumper sticker, one that spreads word about your company or makes a brand statement, people will remember you. If you have a clear way for them to follow up – a website or company name clearly stated – they may just pull out their phones immediately. This especially works if your bumper sticker is eye-catching and straight to the point.

The Difference Getting Noticed Makes

Now think about how many bumper stickers you could send out into the world. If all of your friends, family, and employees put those bumper stickers on their cars, that’s a pretty sizeable amount. Think about how many hundreds – if not thousands – of people would see it every day.

Getting noticed is the main thing any business wants from their advertising. Once that happens, customers are aware you exist or reminded of your business and their need for your products or services. If they’re encouraged to take the next steps and do business with you, it’s all the better.

If you want to give bumper sticker printing a shot for your business, don’t go it alone. Find the right bumper sticker printing company and get started on the right design. At Linemark, we’ve been printing bumper stickers for our customers for decades. Give us a call today to learn more!

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