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Conference display ideas for businesses

Conferences are an exciting time for your company to get out in front of many new potential customers. They provide a great opportunity to generate leads and further increase your customer loyalty. They are also a perfect time to turn current customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

If you’ve ever been to a large conference, you know that the atmosphere in the conference hall can be magical! Think back to when you’ve been in awe of a company’s display. You probably don’t remember the businesses that had a plain table, surrounded by staff passing out general business cards. No, you remember the booths that fully immerse you into a company’s brand, the booths or displays that provided a fully immersive experience or had over-the-top displays that wowed your senses.

To start creating your conference display design, think about the size and scope of the events or exhibits you have attended. Is your table display in the middle of a large expo center? Maybe you are setting up along smaller hallways? How about large outdoor conferences or events? Let’s look at each of these spaces individually and see how you can make your booth stand out from the crowd.

Large Expo Center for Conference Displays

Large expo centers create the perfect opportunity to use some big, over-the-top, multi-dimensional displays. These can include the use of tension fabric backdrops, three-dimensional cardboard cutouts, or pop-up table displays.

Large expo centers also make great spaces to incorporate large hanging banners, photos, and wall hangings.

With these items, you can create a completely new, immersive environment for your potential customers to experience.

Want to include an interactive activity at your booth? How about a large, paint-by-number advertisement display or work with a printing company to provide live t-shirt printing with your company designs.

Smaller exhibit hall

Maybe you are working with a smaller hallway or an area with some wall space. These spaces are perfect for retractable banners, which can be set up in seconds and are easily stored and reusable at your next event. Printed fabric or vinyl table clothes can go a long way to spruce up a plain table. Add a pop-up table display, and you’ve got yourself a nice foundation to build your booth around.

Need to draw the crowds to your booth? Use floor decals to lead customers through the crowd, directly to your space. Then get them to interact with your booth by adding a photo op or selfie frame to your booth. These can range from simple, printed fabric backdrops to fully immersive, printed, 3D foam-board backgrounds.

Outdoor Spaces

What about an outdoor conference or event space? Inflatable arches and advertisement balloons that can be spotted from a distance will help guide customers through the crowds to your booth. Flags and shaped banners are also a great way to grab attention and direct people your way.

Use a printed tent to invite customers into your booth and out of the sun. Vinyl, printed tablecloths are a great addition to your outdoor booths as they are eye-catching and weather friendly. Don’t forget about printed promotional items like drink koozies and paper fans. These are guaranteed to be used immediately and keep customers thinking about your brand.

Now that you’ve got some ideas flowing, give our team at Linemark a call today and let us help make all your conference display ideas come to life.

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