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Just because everyone keeps track of the day and time with their smart phones doesn’t mean people don’t still get great use out of calendars. In fact, most homes and offices keep a printed wall calendar hanging year-round.

Calendars are some of the most versatile printed items imaginable for entrepreneurs, business owners, and customers alike. That’s why when your business wants to convey a message to its clientele, printing your own custom calendars is a great way to keep you front and center in their minds.

Today, let’s discuss the many benefits of a custom-printed wall calendar for businesses!

1. Practicality

Calendars aren’t just about keeping track of the date. The majority of calendars enable users to schedule out their weeks, remember deadlines and birthdays, and follow the change of seasons. But for business owners and entrepreneurs, calendars can also advertise their products and services, both in the image selection for each month and in the small text at the top or bottom of each page. Your company name, logo, contact information, hours of operation, and even your address can be prominently displayed for all to see each month.

2. Simplicity

If you want to create something your existing and potential customers can use every day without needing foreknowledge on how to use it, a calendar might be the best way to go. Everyone learns what a calendar is and how it works from a young age – that means they won’t need to follow any instructions, assemble it, or purchase batteries to make it work. Plus, calendars don’t take up any space. As soon as someone gets a calendar, they’re likely to stick it up on their wall and let it perform its duty month after month without headache.

3. Variety

A custom-printed calendar can include literally any image, theme, color, message, layout, and be constructed to any size imaginable. Plus, calendars use a wide range of binding styles and paper styles, like matte coating, gloss coating, or no coating at all. Depending on your specific business and how you think your customers will get the most use out of your custom marketing calendar, you can choose from a variety of options to help serve their needs while getting your branding and message across with ease.

4. Tangibility

You might spend thousands of dollars on a television commercial or radio advertisement that your target audience might hear only once. But since custom-printed business calendars are a physical object that will stay up on a wall for an entire year, your advertising is guaranteed to get noticed. Also, since calendars are such useful items, there’s a great chance that whoever gets your business’s calendar will likely put it in a prominent place where everyone can see it. Think of a calendar like a billboard that stays in people’s homes until the end of each year!

5. Positivity

If you print a custom calendar for your business and provide it to existing or prospective customers for free, there’s a good chance they’ll greatly appreciate it. Everyone loves a gift, and something that they can use every day and benefit from goes a long way toward establishing good will with your brand. But remember – other businesses may have the idea to print a calendar too, so make sure you get yours printed before they do. After all, people only need one calendar on their wall to get the job done – let yours be the first they see!

Ready to get started with a custom business calendar printing project? Reach out to Linemark today!

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