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Countless people hang calendars on their walls and think: I wish I could use my own images for each month!

What they don’t know is how easy, fun, and affordable custom calendar printing can actually be. In fact, it’s not only a great way to show off your favorite images – it can also be a great way to promote and grow your business.

Curious about the custom calendar design and printing process? Let’s explore!

The Benefits of Online Printing for Custom Calendar Creation

Whether you’re looking to memorialize a special time in your life, show off a wide range of products, or see your loved ones smiling faces every time you look at the date, custom calendar printing is an exceptionally exciting and rewarding experience.

Reasonable Pricing Options

These days, you won’t have to wait around until your calendar printing project is finalized to find out what it’ll cost you. Custom printing companies offer online calculators or online quote request forms that ensure you’ll know the potential cost ahead of time.

Quick Project Turnaround

Online print companies for custom calendars will let you know when your calendar orders will be ready to ship. If you need them at your home, office, or special event even sooner, companies like Linemark can work closely with you to meet your scheduling needs.

Unique Designs & Template Options

If you already know what images, font choices, coloring, and other features you want for your custom calendar, you can fully personalize it with the help of your online printing partner. However, most custom print companies have design teams that can handle the customization process for you or allow you to choose from a selection of high-quality templates.

Options for Calendar Creation

Your online printing partner for calendars should provide you with several options for helping you create your calendars. These include, but are not limited to:

Bindery — Most calendars are stitched together to ensure they won’t fall apart. These stitch styles tend to be either saddle stitch or wire-O binding. Depending on whether you need to turn your pages 360 degrees or stack dozens of calendars together, you’ll have to decide which of these options works best for your needs.

Cover Paper — Cover paper for calendars is typically thick, 100lb gloss cover paper. However, you can also opt for options like recycled paper, matte paper, and more.

Inside Paper — Whether you want the paper with your photos/dates to be satin, matte, or even uncoated the choice is entirely up to you. This paper is usually thinner than the outside paper, allowing easy writing, folding, and manipulation.

And remember, calendars come in a wide range of styles, including wall calendars, desk calendars, poster calendars, and magnetic calendars. Depending on where you want these to end up, you may have a totally different design in mind!

Finding the Right Custom Calendar Printing Partner

You, your business, and your life are original. At Linemark, we believe your calendars should be too!

The team at Linemark know our way around the online calendar printing process better than most. Our calendar production solutions are ideal for orders of all sizes, and our proprietary digital workflow and automation capabilities mean you can expect speed, accuracy, and affordability.

When you’re ready to learn more about our custom calendar printing solutions, reach out to a member of the Linemark team today.

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