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As advertising budgets continue to expand, businesses everywhere have gotten cleverer at informing and influencing their potential customers. Rather than relying solely on word-of-mouth and traditional marketing techniques, many businesses have discovered new ways to spread brand recognition and attract more customers than ever.

One of these more modern marketing methods involves partnering with a custom printing company with the network necessary to produce high-quality promotional products for your business.

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products make up a broad category of custom printed items, including everything from coffee mugs to folding chairs. The single thing that unites all of these products together: they have room to print your company logo or name on them.

The idea behind promotional products is deceptively simple. Instead of creating a catchy radio jingle, recording a commercial, or paying for a huge billboard in the middle of your city, you can print your logo or information on products that people use every day. When they pick them up or see them waiting to be used, they’ll see your branding and create a permanent mental connection between quality, useful products and your business.

The way promotional products are created typically depends on the material of the product itself. Whether it’s a t-shirt, book, lanyard, hat, or Christmas bauble, your custom printing partner for promotional products may employ screen printing, inkjet printing, thermal transfer printing, dye sublimation printing, or another more specific method.

Important Considerations for Promo Products

  • Start with simple sketches. Before you commit to a whole range of promotional products printed by a custom printing company online, make sure you like the way the design looks when it’s in front of you. Whether you can draw it out yourself or have someone artistic handle it for you, look it over completely to decide if you like the idea enough to put it on thousands of objects!
  • Remember to always have multiple items designed together. You might find out that one concept won’t work in a smaller format, but works splendidly in a larger format. For instance, something that fits perfectly on a mug might look terrible on a bracelet.
  • Make sure your items work together. If you have pens, mugs, koozies, calendars,  bracelets, flyers, and posters custom-printed, lay them all out next to each other on a table. Do their colors and designs complement one another?6
  • Study both your competitors and businesses outside of your industry. See what others have done with their promotional products. You never know when you might come up with a brilliant idea inspired in part by something you saw from a business in a totally unrelated industry.

Find the Right Custom Printing Partner

We can’t overstate the importance of finding the right online custom printing partner for your promotional product project. Whether you’re a marketing manager for your company, the owner of the business, or simply want some great products to advertise an upcoming event, you have to trust the printer you work with.

At Linemark, we not only handle the printing of countless promotional products every year – we also have a network of the most reputable, professional companies in a wide range of manufacturing industries. No matter what specific promotional product you need for your project, we’ve got you covered.

For more information on our promotional product solutions, contact Linemark today.

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