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Recruitment printing now hiring sign for new workers

Looking to hire new employees for your business? Recruitment printing may be all you need to succeed in finding the right hires.

Everyone knows what a “Now Hiring” sign looks like hanging in a shop window. These are plenty effective, too! However, there are a number of other print marketing for hiring tactics you can try. Each have their benefits and can help you recruit the highest quality candidates possible for any position you have available.

Advertise That You’re Hiring

If you’re in serious need of quality new employees, you’re probably ready to try multiple channels to market your available positions. With quality employee recruitment printing, you can market to people living nearby – even within a few minutes away.

By printing banners, signs, flyers, and even billboards advertising your recruitment, people passing by will see them loudly and clearly. Maybe they’re on their way to work or school. Maybe they live in the area and notice the new sign.

Either way you look at it, the best way to recruit new employees is to make it known. You can try digital avenues, of course, but drawing attention from physical traffic can be far more effective.

Displaying Your Professionalism

Showing a strong commitment to quality goes a long way toward attracting good candidates. The “Now Hiring” sign we mentioned earlier does work, but might not get top-tier hires’ attentions.

That strategy might work well for gas stations and supermarkets, but if you’re in another industry, you might want to go a little bolder. Printing on sturdy, attractive materials using high-definition ink from professional printing companies makes a real impact.

Just think about it. Would you rather work for the company that scrawled a “Jobs Available” sign with a marker on a sheet of paper, or one that had a poster printed and placed in your neighborhood?

Types of Recruitment Printing

Let’s talk about the different ways businesses attract new hires with recruitment printing. Some of the most popular methods include:

Direct Mail

You know by now how we feel about direct mail! Sending out mailers declaring you’re hiring is an awesome way to draw in new employees – especially if they’re previous customers. You might know what it’s like to want to work with your favorite companies, and your customers may feel the same way. Make sure to target people who live close to your location and have the education levels you’re looking for. Hopefully you already have a customer retention strategy in place that can help!

Outdoor Signage

People pass by your physical location every day. That means any signage you place outdoors will alert passersby of open positions near them! Visitors to your location will take notice of the recruitment signs – including shoppers and delivery drivers.

Employee Referral Cards

Get your existing employees to take an extra step for you outside of work. But reward them for their efforts! With printed employee referral cards, you can give referral bonuses to employees who help you find new workers. These cards can be printed to wallet-size, meaning every employee can carry them around. They’ll not only be valued workers, they’ll even serve as brand ambassadors off-the-clock!

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