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Beautiful image from a holiday marketing postcard

Holiday marketing postcards are one of the best ways for a brand to communicate with their customers during the holiday season. In fact, just like greeting cards, they’re one of the most effective ways of ensuring your advertising attracts eyeballs. People still love checking the mail, and that’s not changing anytime soon!

So when you set out to create a holiday postcard, make sure you nail the design. Take advantage of the unique opportunity the time of year provides and draw in more business than ever. Here are four features your holiday marketing postcards absolutely need!

1. Embrace the Holiday Spirit

If you don’t go along with the theme of the holiday, you can’t really call it a holiday marketing postcard. You need to make sure that every inch of your postcard – all the way down to details like font choice – celebrates the holidays.

But the Winter holidays are more than just a jolly good time. They’re also a huge spending season. Everyone feels a bit more generous with their wallets this time of year, so make sure you capture the extra dollars that could be flowing your way. Show your customers you love the holidays as much as they do and they’ll love doing business with you even more.

2. Provide Exciting Incentives on Your Holiday Marketing Postcards

Create some limited-time coupons or promo codes that are only available during the holiday season. You can even encourage customers to bring the marketing postcard to your physical location to claim a discount!

Another cool trick is to include a small QR code in the corner of the postcard that directs people to your website. You can also create a special page on your website that can provide insights on how many people interacted with your brand through the marketing postcard itself.

3. Feature Your Brand Identity Prominently

It’s important to make it clear on your holiday marketing postcard that your company is the one sending it. If it just looks like a generic Thanksgiving or Christmas postcard, your customers might not recognize you as the sender. That’s why you need to incorporate your branding as much as possible while not obscuring the holiday theme.

Some companies opt to have new logos created specifically for the holidays. For instance, if your logo has a figure – a person, an animal, or otherwise – put a Santa hat on them. Or, if it’s a nature-themed logo, include some snow or mistletoe! As long as it incorporates both your branding and holiday themes, you’ll be set for success.

4. Give a Strong Call-to-Action

The core metric for success when it comes to any form of marketing is whether or not it encourages further interaction with your brand. Businesses need to always use a solid call to action on every holiday marketing postcard they send out. Otherwise, it’ll only function as a holiday greeting.

Ask customers to visit your location, your website, your social media pages, or to give you a call. Invite them to fill out a survey or send you a personal email. Anything you can do to incentivize further engagement with your company means you’re taking full advantage of the postcard medium.

Speaking of calls-to-action, we invite you to reach out to the Linemark team! We can help you with all your holiday marketing postcard printing needs, so give us a call today!

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