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Printed marketing materials remain some of the strongest methods for businesses to get the word out about their products and services. But don’t just take our word for it – according to Forbes, direct mail is up to 30 times more effective than digital content like email blasts.

So if your small business wants to guarantee a return on investment, going digital might not always be your best bet. Instead, combine your digital marketing efforts with traditional print marketing techniques. You’ll find that the advancements made in print technology these days make print marketing extremely cost effective, fast, and simple for your business to advertise to the masses.

Today, let’s take a look at five of the most popular print marketing materials for small businesses.

1. Business Cards

Plenty of printed materials have come and gone, rising and waning in popularity for business owners and entrepreneurs. But the one thing every professional wants for their business is a business card. Business cards allow for effortless marketing, networking, and exchanges of information between potential customers and partners alike. Plus, they offer an endless array of customization.

2. Instruction Booklets

Have a product people are interested in or have already purchased that may be a little complicated? Maybe it’s the simplest thing they’ve ever used! Either way, sending out an instruction manual or including it in the packaging helps them use your products better than if they were left to their own devices and goes a long way toward establishing good will. Include your branding on the booklet for extra marketing power!

3. Flyers

While some printed materials may go in-depth on your business, its products and services, and the people who work there, a flyer has a simple task: focusing on one specific product, service, or promotion you offer. Your sales team will rest easy knowing they have a stack of flyers to distribute throughout your area through mail or by hand which does a lot of the legwork of advertising for your small business.

4. Infographics

Most of the time, infographics are found in digital form. Businesses love cobbling together some great information and getting their graphics design departments to create an attractive, straightforward look for the infographics. But have you ever thought of printing them out and using them as part of your physical marketing efforts? They work exactly the same, but now they can also be used to expand your brand!

5. Brochures

Giving your existing and potential customers something to hold in their hands that goes into as much detail as possible about your business simply can’t be beat. As long as the content is professionally written and well laid out, people will enjoy reading through your marketing brochures and you’ll stay at the top of their minds when they need products or services your business offers.

Find a Print Marketing Partner for Your Small Business

The experience of reading and enjoying printed materials is deeply ingrained in human beings. That’s why these five print marketing materials are just as popular as ever and effective at drawing in more business. If your small business wants print marketing materials to strengthen your marketing strategies, you need to partner with a professional custom printer ready to deliver project perfection.

When you’re ready to learn more about how print marketing done right can transform your business’s marketing efforts, contact the experts at Linemark.

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