David Ashton

Upper Marlboro, MD – July 13, 2015 – Linemark Printing Inc. has announced that it has installed a new MCS Perfect Match System™. Celebrating 30 years in the printing/communications industry, Linemark is best known as a technology leader.  With the purchase of this system, Linemark will be able to increase integrity, personalization, and productivity for its client’s match mailing campaigns.

Of the company’s recent state-of-the-art purchase, Linemark’s EVP, David Ashton said, “With the installation of our newest production line, we have expanded our precision hi-speed, match mailing capabilities. This corresponds to our growing marketing and direct mail solutions business, and we are excited to further improve upon our measurable deliverables and our client’s overall marketing experience.”

The MCS Perfect Match System™ is the most advanced inkjet in the mailing/printing industry.   Equipped with 48 sensors and 3 cameras, this allows an increase in productivity by four to five times an hour. The system provides error-free matching that ensures 100% accuracy with verification reports for highly secure mailings. This industry demands high quality with a personal touch. MCS Perfect Match System™ is our new partner in helping us achieve our customer’s goals.

To learn more about the new MCS Perfect Match System™ and how your next campaign can benefit, contact one of our Account Executives or visit the Linemark YouTube page to see the MCS Perfect Match System™ in action.

About Linemark Printing Inc.

Linemark is a privately-owned and operated printing communications company headquartered within close proximity of the Washington DC / Baltimore Metro areas (Upper Marlboro, MD). Linemark is one of the fastest growing companies in the region within the communications industry. Operating 24 hours a day from a 90,000sq ft facility, the intensely customer focused company delivers solid and innovative solutions to their client base of associations, corporations and non-profit organizations.

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