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While the basic USPS tracking portal is useful, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dig deeper with these advanced features for a powerful and personalized tracking experience:

1. Informed Delivery: Your Mailbox in Your Pocket

Imagine previewing incoming mail and packages digitally before they arrive. Informed Delivery makes it a reality. Sign up for free and get daily email or mobile app notifications with grayscale images of your incoming mail, including letters, flats, and even packages.

Bonus features:

2. Text & Email Alerts: Stay Updated on the Go

No need to keep checking the tracking portal. Sign up for text or email alerts and receive instant notifications when your package’s status changes, like “Out for Delivery” or “Delivered.” (

3. Delivery Alerts: Proactive Package Protection

For extra peace of mind, try Delivery Alerts. This premium service gives you real-time notifications via text or email when your package is out for delivery, delivered, or experiencing an exception (e.g., delay, address issue). (

4. Track Multiple Packages at Once:

Juggling multiple deliveries? No problem! Use the “Track Multiple Packages” feature to add up to 20 tracking numbers at once and see their statuses on a single, convenient page. (

5. USPS Tracking API: Automate Your Tracking Process

For businesses or users with high shipping volumes, the USPS Tracking API is a game-changer. Integrate it into your website or app to automatically track packages, update records, and send notifications without manual intervention. (

6. USPS Tracking Plus®: Extended Access for Proof of Delivery

Need proof of delivery for legal or business purposes? USPS Tracking Plus® extends your access to tracking history for up to 10 years (domestic) and 7 years (international). This paid service also provides official documentation for disputes or claims. (

7. Manage Package Intercept® & Hold Mail Online

Accidentally sent a package to the wrong address? No worries! Use Package Intercept® to reroute it while it’s in transit. Similarly, manage your Hold Mail requests conveniently online without visiting your local post office. (

Linemark Printing Tip: If you’re a business owner who frequently ships with USPS, consider integrating the USPS Tracking API or using Informed Delivery for Business to streamline your shipping process and keep your customers informed. (


By maximizing these advanced features, you can transform USPS tracking from a simple status checker into a powerful tool for managing your mail and packages with confidence and efficiency.

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