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How office graphics can transform a business interior

Have you already discovered and designed the right branding for your business? If so, it’s time to print office graphics that show off what you’ve created and accomplished.

But when you finally decide to create your office graphics and signage, how will you handle it? Is this something you’ve done before?

Today, let’s explore what you need to know about office graphics printing!

Grab Attention ASAP with Your Office Graphics

The first thing your office graphics should accomplish is to catch every viewer’s eyes. This can be done by creating contrast – a design element that also makes your signage easy to understand.

Think about it like this. If the background is white and the text is black, everyone can read it. Always use darker colors against lighter backgrounds or vice versa for impact. If you use similar colors, the most important information on the graphic won’t stand out. Worse, it could be totally lost in the background.

Shapes also allow for contrast. If you use a square or circle, you can pair it with a star pattern or oblong shape that stands out.

Use Colors Appropriately

People intuitively understand colors. Blacks, reds, and oranges together communicate something cool, edgy, rough, rugged, etc. Blues, yellows, greens, and pinks are more lighthearted, exciting, or convey the Spring or Summer months.

Remember that color trends can change with seasons and branding tone. If you are targeting a younger audience, study businesses in similar industries and the colors they use.

As we mentioned before, make sure all your office graphic prints are easy to understand. The better your color selection, the more impressive and effective they’ll be.

Use Font Styles Correctly

The font style and size you choose depends on the size of your graphics, what they’re trying to communicate, and the type of company you are.

For instance, a huge Comic Sans font might communicate a big sale or other fun event. (But don’t use Comic Sans, ever! Trust us on this one.) Times New Roman or Calibri might be a little boring, but it’s great for conveying more serious information. The Impact font is typically used in memes.

Experiment with sizes and styles, and have your team decide on what works best for your brand.

Choose the Right Materials

If you want your office graphics to last for an eternity, you might choose a sturdier, heavier material. If you only need something to announce a sale or special event, you could go with something lighter and easier to manipulate.

The most common materials used for office graphics and business signage include:

  • Vinyl
  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Magnetic
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic

The materials you choose also depend on whether your office graphics will be placed inside or outside your business. Make sure to partner with a business signage expert to make the right choice.

Find an Office Graphics Printer

The way your office graphics impact viewers relates directly to how they’ll view your business. Not only can your office graphics keep employees motivated, but it can also impress and attract new clients.

Office graphics design is all about strategy. That’s why you want to plan your office signage with a commercial printing company you can trust.

At Linemark, we’ve printed office graphics for countless businesses. For more information on our printing services, reach out to a member of our team today.

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