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An exceptional storefront sign for print marketing experts

If you have a brick and mortar store, it’s critical you stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you’ll just blend in with the scenery. But that doesn’t mean you should always try for the flashiest storefront sign possible. Instead, there’s a right way to do it for your business that will draw in more customers and convince them of your value.

Not all business signage gets the job done the same way. For instance, you might have a huge pole sign that informs passersby your store exists. But a storefront sign will let them know exactly where you are and what you represent. These types of signs often go hand-in-hand and can be far weaker without one another.

Want to know how your storefront can help your business flourish? Let’s explore the benefits of a quality storefront sign.

How a Storefront Sign Benefits Your Business

Storefront signs often create the strongest possible first impression. Imagine driving your car through a crowded strip mall parking lot. You see one shoe store with simple lettering above their doorway with their name. You know they’re a shoe store, but do you know anything else about them?

Then you spot a sign above another business a few stores down. It has an attractive, well-designed storefront sign with a logo and colors that complement it. You get a sense of their personality and brand identity.

Which store would you walk in first? Even if the first one has a better selection and lower prices, the average person would probably choose the latter over the former.

Of course, you know your business is better than your competitors. That’s why you shouldn’t let your business suffer with a bland, uncreative storefront sign.

Qualities of Exceptional Signs

Your storefront sign should tell your story. It should clearly explain what type of products and services you have inside. Your sign should be attractive and clean with a unique and appealing message.

Perhaps most importantly, your sign must be visible. Most people will see it from the street as they drive by, so be sure the letters are totally legible from that distance.

Color helps tremendously with legibility in storefront signs. The primary colors – red, yellow, and blue – are perhaps the best at accomplishing this. Depending on your existing brand colors, you should make sure you choose colors that complement your logo and font choices. However, these colors should be visible throughout the day and in the light cast from street lamps at night.

When you want to create a storefront sign that sets your business apart from the competition, it’s important to find an expert. At Linemark, we have a deep well of experience when it comes to business signage. We’ve spent decades helping companies of all shapes and sizes in virtually every industry with their large format printing needs. Our exceptional design team can help you create a one-of-a-kind and effective sign or help you print anything your team can imagine.

For more information on our storefront sign printing services, contact the Linemark team today.

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