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Asking the right questions of your commercial printing company

Any time you need commercial printing services, you should know your preferred printer is capable and qualified for the job. Your best bet is to ask them a series of important questions about their company and their capabilities. This way, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the best possible, most cost-effective results for the project.

With this in mind, here are the five best questions you should ask your commercial printing company partner:

1. What Are Your Commercial Printing Services?

This is the simplest question on this list, yet it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, you won’t know if the commercial printer can cater to your specific needs. For instance, if you want a booklet or brochure rather than a simple flyer, you need to know your printing partner can handle it.

Many printing companies list their capabilities online, but you should still make sure to double-check. Your ideal partner is a printing company with a history of experience creating the products you need. You should never rely on a printing company that has never done something before, but then says they can attempt it.

2. What is the Best Printing Method for My Order?

Many professional commercial printers use a variety of methods to complete their clients’ orders. In fact, most modern printers offer both digital printing and offset printing. While these are entirely distinct and used for very different types of projects, it’s good to know your printer has both capabilities.

Discuss your specific needs with your commercial printer and ask them which methods they intend to use to complete your order. Depending on how many and which type of items you’ll need, they should be able to handle the appropriate method.

3. Will You Provide a Proof?

Before you ever proceed with a massive print run, you should at least see a sample of your printed item. This way, you can see that the final result is high-quality and worth your money. Neither party involved wants to print an entire order only for it to turn out to the client’s dissatisfaction.

You should always ask for a proof before your project goes fully to print. Your printer should agree to this and send you a hard copy proof. When you’re happy with the results, only then should you feel comfortable going to print.

4. How Should I Send You My Design?

Any time you print something with a commercial printing company, you’ll have to send them the designs you want printed. Ask them the best way to format your design and where you should send it. Usually this involves simply uploading it to their website or emailing them the file(s). If you have a graphic designer working with you, they should be able to send your design to the printing company.

5. What is the Expected Turnaround Time for Printing Services?

Turnaround times vary pretty wildly depending on how large your order is and the printing methods required. You’ll also need to take into account how busy your printing partner is with other orders.

Typically, a commercial printing company can give you an estimate for the expected turnaround time. If they can’t provide a solid date or work within the timeframe you need the project completed, you may have to look elsewhere for a printing partner.

Fortunately, the team at Linemark can handle virtually any printing project in whatever timeframe you need your printed items completed. We’d be happy to answer all of the questions outlined here and more. For more information Linemark’s commercial printing services, reach out to us today.

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