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Is it time to get new ID cards printed?

Whether you are using ID cards for the first time or you need to revamp your existing ID cards, there are a variety of details you have to take into account. ID badges come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and orientations to accomplish an equally wide range of objectives. However, most companies, schools, and special event organizers don’t have the capacity to print all of their ID badges in-house.

That’s where an ID card printing service provider comes into the picture. But before you decide on the third-party printer for your ID cards, do your research and make sure you make the best possible choice.

How to Plan Your ID Card Printing Services

When you set out to have your new ID cards printed, these are some of the choices you have to make before you get them in your hands:

How Many ID Cards You Need

The volume of ID cards you’ll need is entirely based on their specific application. Will you need an ID badge for every student in your school? Are you holding a massive convention where everyone who walks through the door will need an ID badge? Or maybe you have a company that issues ID cards to new hires. Whatever your intended use for your ID badges, you’ll need to know the approximate number before your cards start printing.

Quality of Your ID Cards

Your ID cards need to be tough enough to withstand the tests of time and whatever you’ll put them through on a daily basis. They should be resistant to cracking and peeling, and the image has to be just as durable as the card itself. If you’ll be using a lanyard, the material of the card itself must not tear or break – otherwise, an unauthorized user could find it on the floor and use it to their advantage. Plus, you’ll also have to choose how you wish to laminate your cards to protect against abrasion, especially if your card features a barcode or magnetic stripe.

Application of Your ID Cards

Will your cards simply hang around the necks of students or visitors to your event, business, or property? Will they fit into wallets, or hang around key chains? Maybe you need ID badges with holographic imaging or micro-printed text for security purposes. The possibilities are endless, so you want to make sure that the custom ID card printing company you work with has all the capabilities necessary to provide an exceptional finished product.

Working with a Custom ID Card Printer

Once you’ve carefully considered your options for the perfect ID card for your purposes, it’s time to find the right printing partner to get the job done. Your first step is to make sure they offer all the features you’ll need for your cards, so make sure they understand your specific intentions. Then, ask questions about their process, provide them with the art and text they need to complete each card, and make sure they’ve performed quality work for other companies, organizers, and individuals in the past.

At Linemark, we’re ready to print specialty cards for your event, business, or membership. No matter how complex your ID card needs, we can ensure accurate, organized, and high-quality cards that are guaranteed to suit your needs.

For more information on the best ID card printing services, contact Linemark today.

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