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Most authors dream of the day when they’ve finished their new book and have a beautifully printed physical copy in their hands. But just how many copies should be printed once your book is ready? Rather than dreaming peacefully, this question might just keep you up tossing and turning all night. Fortunately, print-on-demand services for self-published authors is the perfect answer to your most important questions about printing.

Today, let’s explore how online, on-demand printing services benefit self-published authors and how you can find the perfect printing partner to get your book in your readers’ hands.

How Print-On-Demand Works

Traditionally, self-published authors needed a considerable chunk of change to have their books printed. Most went through regular channels and found local printing companies who would do a one-time print run of several thousand books which the author would then try to sell at small bookstores, coffee shops, or in-person signings. But now, with the advent of online book printing on-demand, you no longer need to break the bank (or fill up a storage unit with unsold books).

Once you’ve done the work of writing the book, all you need is a cover photo and a file containing your masterpiece. Any time a customer orders one of your books through an online store like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, a single copy will be printed and mailed to the buyer. On-demand printing for self-published authors has some tremendous benefits, including:

  • No inventory space required.
  • Zero upfront costs for printing, packaging, or shipping.
  • No leftover books filling your shelves and garage.
  • Printing comes at no cost to you aside from the small cut the printer takes from the sale of each book.

How to Find an Online Book Printer

Your major decision-making regarding finding an online book printer as a self-publishing author comes down to your specific goals. If you only want to sell online and get your book printed as quickly as possible, you won’t have as many decisions to make and you can partner with any reputable online printing company. Remember that overall costs and the quality of the final product are important considerations – especially if your eventual intentions are to see your book in a brick-and-mortar store.

Think carefully and perform the necessary due diligence when choosing an online book printing partner. Evaluate their intent and see if they try to upsell you on other products or services – if their main goal is to facilitate you printing your book without unnecessary frills, you’ve found a solid partner.

Ultimately, the only reason why you wouldn’t want to choose on-demand printing for your self-published book is if you had your own physical business where you could sell and store your books. Or, if you’re an author on a lengthy book tour where you need your book on-hand to sell to readers that show up for signings, etc. Otherwise, print-on-demand is your ideal option.

If you’d like to learn more about on-demand printing with a professional online printing company, reach out to the experts at Linemark. Each year, we help self-published authors grow their writing careers by delivering high-quality books to their eager readers in the most cost-effective, timely way possible. Contact one of our expert team members today to get started!

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