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What is Print On-Demand?

If you’re interested in the print on-demand process, you’ll first need to understand exactly how it works.

First things first, print on-demand is a relationship between your business and a supplier in which you customize a wide range of white-label products (like book covers, tote bags, banners, flyers, mugs, back packs, you name it) with your own designs. Then, you sell them or provide them to your customers for free as promotional material as part of your branding and marketing efforts.

Every part of print on-demand services is taken care of by your supplier. After you set up your relationship, work on your specific designs for logos, colors, and other imagery, and determine scale, it should only take a few clicks to finalize an order.

Huge Product Diversity

When you decide it’s time to find a print on-demand supplier, you’ll have a pretty great selection of companies to choose from depending on your specific needs. This all depends on your business, your branding, and your specific needs. Some companies you could partner with only handle specific items like custom printed yearbooks, while others may specialize in pens, coffee table books, t-shirts, baseball caps, etc.

What this means is that you can always find a reputable, professional on-demand custom printer to provide you the products you need when you need them. The incredible diversity of customizable products to choose from means you can find a company can take care of virtually all of your needs.

Highest Quality Options

The most respected names in the on-demand custom printing market utilize the highest quality physical products possible. While you can supply your own “blanks” to these companies so they can focus on the printing process, many companies have a network of trusted manufacturers to supply these items.

Before you partner with an on-demand printing company, make sure that the products you order are made to last. After all, if they’re going to have your business logo on them, or your name on the spine of a custom printed self-published book, you want to make sure that they’re quality-made.

Most Affordable Pricing

The best part of partnering with a print on-demand company is that you don’t actually have to pay for anything until you actually need it. That means you won’t have to purchase a ton of material and hold it in your inventory, hoping you get the chance to sell or give it away.

Deciding on the best on-demand printing partner is often about the price. After all, your ultimate goal with your business is to save money whenever possible to maximize your profits, right? That means the price you pay for each item and for it to be shipped where you need it will be a major factor in your bottom line.

Any time you need to decide on a custom on-demand printer, make sure that their pricing for blanks, printing, and shipping products is reasonable. Take every opportunity to compare between multiple companies and decide what will work best for your business.


Now that you’ve learned how on-demand printing can be a fantastic idea for growing your business and your brand, it’s time to seriously consider how you want to move forward. The most successful on-demand printing strategies are rooted in ideas. Make sure whatever idea you have has the power to generate engagement, whether it’s for your self-published novel or a series of custom printed t-shirts for your auto service shop customers. Your custom on-demand printing partner will handle the rest.

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