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Have you ever sat down on a comfy couch and found an eye-catching, fascinating book waiting for you on the coffee table? You may have even gotten lost for hours flipping through the pages, appreciating the content, imagery, and professional style of the book itself.

These are coffee table books. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering just how you can get the perfect coffee table book for your own comfy couch experience. Today, let’s discuss how you can design and print your very own custom printed coffee table book!

What is a Coffee Table Book?

Coffee table books are large-format books designed to showcase photos and large, colorful illustrations that are displayed – you guessed it – on your coffee table.

Many coffee table books focus on subjects like travel, nature, art, fine photography, fashion, architecture, and food. You can also show off your wedding photos, family gatherings, high school memories, and virtually anything else you can imagine. Custom coffee table books are not only phenomenal conversation starters for anyone that sits down on your couch, but a great way for you to look back on your fondest memories.

How to Design a Custom Coffee Table Book

Regardless of its theme and content, the most important part of having your coffee table book printed is its overall design. You’ll have a lot to choose between, including vinyl or cloth covering, foil stamping or debossing, font size, color choices, photo resolution, and more.

Most coffee table books vary in design depending on the amount of photos used, and how much written content you want to include. The shortest coffee table books usually come in at a minimum of 28 pages, while many coffee table books go well over 200 pages. The larger the page count, the larger the spine of the book, which allows extra artwork or interesting title choices as well as a sturdy, professional binding.

How Much Does a Custom Coffee Table Book Cost?

Since most custom-printed coffee table books are larger in size than your average book, printing costs can sometimes be higher than your traditional perfect bound book or paperback. Some of the factors at play in determining the cost of your coffee table book include:

  • The size of your coffee table book (11”x11” as a standard size).
  • The number of pages of your coffee table book.
  • How many pictures you choose which include vibrant colors.
  • Whether or not you are buying in bulk.
  • Whether you choose a cover image or not.
  • The binding options you choose (paperback, hardcover, etc.)

Printing Your Custom Coffee Table Book

Now that you know more about imagining and designing your coffee table book, let’s take you to the most important step: having your coffee table book printed by the professionals.

When you’re ready to have your custom coffee table book printed, reach out to the experts at Linemark. We’ll help you confidently self-publish your coffee table book, whether you want to share it with the world, sell it in your community, or simply produce a few copies for yourself, friends, and family. Choose from exceptional binding options and premium paper selections as our printing specialists walk you through the process.

For more information on our custom coffee table printing services, contact the team at Linemark today.

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