Aaron Dunn

School signage in school hallway

When you hear the word signage, you might first think about retail stores. Signs exist to sell products, right? So when you hear the term school signage, you might be a little confused.

The truth is that every organization can benefit tremendously from quality signage. Public organizations and institutions like schools, universities, hospitals, government facilities – all of these gain in various ways from quality signage.

In this post, we’ll explore how school signage can not only make your school a safer, more cohesive place for students, but also how it can keep them engaged on their education. Let’s begin!

School Signage Increases School Safety

With clear and prominently placed school signage, you can communicate to your student body what they should do in case of an emergency. They’ll know what to do if there’s a fire, where to find first aid kits, and how to contact school nurses.

You can also place school signage in bathrooms encouraging hand-washing and minimal contact during flu and virus seasons. Signs can be placed in the cafeteria to reinforce cleanliness, and to direct students to lunch lines and trash cans for disposal.

A Strong Source of Infotainment

Take advantage of quality design with your school signage and create fun, informative signage for every classroom!

Teachers don’t have to be your only method for educating your students. You can use school signage to highlight important information about the subjects they’re studying.

Rotating signs over the course of a curriculum or emphasizing key takeaways from a specific class with easy-to-read signage can totally change the outcome of a semester.

School Signage Celebrates School Achievements

School signs don’t only have to be about educating and informing. They can also be used to celebrate the awards and other achievements your school and your students have received.

For instance, if your school’s volleyball team made it to the state championship this year – or even won – you could hang signs throughout your campus declaring them your school heroes. If your school had an exceptionally high pass rate during testing season, congratulate your students on their success.

If heritage and culture is a big part of your school, you can also use it to celebrate your school’s traditions and those of the people who have attended it over your many years as an institution.

Enhancing School Spirit and Core Values

Your school’s “branding” is all about school spirit. You can hang banner signs and create printed flags that declare exactly what you mean to communicate to your students. If you’re rooting for the football team before the big game, your marching band is in the top 10 bands in the region, or your school has been recognized as a great school to attend, reinforce that in your students and faculty with school signage.

Remember, people associate the quality of an organization with how it portrays itself. If you want to show how much you care about your school and your students, quality school signage can make an impact on everyone involved in your school from the administration down.

If you’re ready to print high-quality school signage, reach out to the team at Linemark. We’ve created signs for schools across the country – just let us know what you mean to achieve. Contact us today!

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