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Have your business’s marketing methods grown monotonous even the members of your team? It’s fairly common for businesses to feel like they’re in a creativity rut, where they continue churning out the same idea over and over. As a result, it becomes difficult to draw in new customers – and eventually, all it takes is for a new business with new ideas to come in and run them out of town.

There’s no reason to let this happen to your business, especially when you have so many options for revitalizing your marketing. One of the best ways to improve it overnight and get a better sense of where you’d like to take your business in the future is through print mail.

From its high response rates to its vast variety of creative opportunities when compared to digital marketing, print mail marketing is a great tool for businesses to flex their imagination muscles. Let’s explore how this happens.

Experimentation is Always Possible

Just like how you probably don’t want your product to seem boring, outdated, or useless, your marketing strategies should always evolve with the times. That makes your direct mail efforts the perfect place to try out new techniques as much as you desire.

You can try new imagery, new ways of describing your business, services, and products. If you want to give more special offers, seasonal discounts, or promotional products to your customers, experimenting with them in smaller scale through direct mail is incredibly useful.

Then, all you have to do is keep track of the response you receive. If one style of direct mail got a huge response while the others flatlined, you’ll already know how you should proceed next time around.

Target Different Age Ranges

If your products or services tend to appeal to one specific age group, but you know you could draw in a younger (or older) crowd, direct mail is a great way to target them without much risk.

For instance, if you make home security products, you might typically target retirement-aged men. But, in your next print mailer, you could change the design and wording to focus on the Millennial demographic and highlight your products’ high-tech features.

Because the worst possible thing that can happen with direct mail is for it not to be seen, your business really doesn’t have to be overly concerned over a concept flopping. Where a television, radio, or even digital advertisement shifting its target demographic could crash and burn, wasting you tons of money, a direct mail campaign showing poor results is never the end of the world.

Market Outside of Your Local Area

Since it’s as simple as changing the address you send your marketing mailers to, easily targeting a brand new region is one of the best benefits of print mail. If you’ve only ever sold your products or services in one town or one state, you could potentially expand your customer base exponentially by spreading word outside of that original area. Attracting customers in other areas means greater business opportunities in the future – as long as you keep your prices competitive!

As you can see, we’re big fans of direct print mail marketing at Linemark. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how our commercial printing company has helped countless businesses with their marketing efforts, give us a call. We’d love to discuss your options for keeping your marketing strategies fresh and fun for years to come.

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