David Ashton

Think you can’t personalize your print marketing because you only have a customer’s name and address? Think again. Here are three types of personalization you can deploy with just the name and address of your customer:

Personalized maps: Using just the recipient’s address, you can create personalized maps from their home to the desired location. Think event marketing and store openings. The recipient comes home an announcement of the opening of a new restaurant, new branch at the bank, or a new fitness club, along with the exact distance to the new location, a personalized map from their house to the location, and a discount for their first purchase.

Home targeting: Using address processing services, you can find out information about the person’s home you can use to personalize the message. Is it a single-family home? A townhouse? An older home? Older homes may need roofing and window replacements, while new construction might need landscaping or deck treatments.

Genderizing: With the right software, you can genderize your list, enabling you to add a gender field to your database. This allows you to customize the messaging, imagery, and product selection based on whether the recipient is male or female. Be sure to set up gender-neutral messaging and imagery for names that the software does not recognize or, like Bobbie or Leslie, that cross gender lines.

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