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If your business has windows, you should be taking advantage of them. Windows can be used for both displaying products and advertising your services.

How, you ask? With signage!

Large formatting window signage for businesses is a great way to catch the eyes of would-be customers as they walk or drive past your storefront. Such signage can communicate a range of messages, including:

  • Store hours, phone number, etc.
  • Your company logo to create brand recognition
  • Inventory information including new or featured products
  • Special promos, seasonal sales, offers, deals, etc.
  • Images associated with your brand or the purpose of your business

Because of this variety of options, virtually any business in any industry can utilize window signage. Whether you are a clothing retailer, healthcare provider, restaurant, office building, real estate agency, law firm, or otherwise, you can take advantage of a high-quality window sign.

However, just slapping up anything in your windows won’t always get the job done. It’s important to create something impactful and memorable that will attract the viewer’s eye, communicate your message, and be memorable. Plus, you want to make sure that anything you put in your business’s windows properly represents your company and your goals.

Boosting Your Window Signage Effectiveness

Utilize Images

If you have a limited amount of window space, there’s no need to fill it top to bottom with text. There’s no guarantee everyone will read every word you write anyway.

That’s why you need to find or create an image that suits your business perfectly. For instance, a landscaping business might use a lawnmower or a picture of a beautifully landscaped property in their signage. A real estate company might use an image of an attractive home.

Place Signage Carefully

Think hard about the best way to display your large format printing window signage for your business. Should it cover the entire window, or just a single corner? Will people be able to see it clearly and read any relevant text content on the signage?

And whatever you do, don’t block the view of a product inside your store with your window signage. Also, it’s important to consider the tinting of your windows – will your graphic look ugly or harder to read on the window if it’s not lit properly?

Stand Out

How long does it take someone to pass by your window signage? If you only have a few seconds to make an impact on passersby, make them count. You want to be as bold as possible in how you communicate your message.

Grabbing a reader or viewer’s attention is an art form, one that has been perfected over the years by learned marketers. Whether you have a creative graphic design team working for you or have hired a marketing company to come up with your imagery, you have to make sure that the finished product stands out and gets the job done.

Print it Professionally

Don’t trust the large format printing process to just anybody. Unless your local printer is a long-time industry expert when it comes to quality window signage, you may want to outsource to a commercial printing specialist.

At Linemark, we understand exactly what your business needs for effective window signage printing. For more information on how we can help you get the most out of your print advertising, contact a representative from our team today.

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