Large format giants, rejoice! Introducing the Esko Kongsberg KN Cutting Table, now available at Linemark Printing, your one-stop shop for precision cutting and routing solutions.

Forget limitations: The KN conquers any project you throw its way, from delicate fabrics and intricate packaging to rigid foam and robust signage. Its diverse tooling arsenal empowers you to cut, crease, perforate, mill, and engrave with unmatched precision and speed.

Here’s why the KN reigns supreme for large format in 2024:

  • Precision Domination: Experience laser-sharp accuracy on every cut, no matter the material or thickness. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and wasted materials.
  • Unmatched Versatility: Conquer thin textiles, thick foam, intricate packaging, and robust signage – all with the same machine. Its diverse tooling options adapt to your every need.
  • Speed Demon: Deliver projects faster than ever with the KN’s powerful cutting heads and efficient workflow. High-volume production or short runs, the KN delivers exceptional turnaround times.
  • Future-Proof Innovation: The KN’s modular design and upgradeable features ensure you stay ahead of the curve. Add new capabilities whenever your business demands.
  • Effortless Integration: Integrate the KN seamlessly into your existing workflow. Its compatibility with industry-leading design software ensures smooth operation and maximum efficiency.

2024 Advancements for Large Format Domination:

  • AI-powered optimization: Experience intelligent toolpath planning and automatic adjustments for even faster, more efficient cutting of large pieces.
  • Advanced camera vision: Leverage precise camera systems for on-the-fly material alignment and registration, minimizing operator intervention and waste on large sheets.
  • Sustainable focus: The KN prioritizes eco-friendly operation with features like reduced energy consumption and lower noise levels, perfect for environmentally conscious businesses.

Partner with Linemark Printing, Your Large Format Experts:

When you choose the Esko Kongsberg KN from Linemark Printing, you gain more than just a cutting table. You benefit from:

  • Large format expertise: Our team understands the unique challenges and opportunities of large format projects. We’ll help you configure the KN perfectly for your needs.
  • Seamless integration: We’ll ensure the KN integrates smoothly into your existing workflow for maximum efficiency with large-scale projects.
  • Ongoing support: Get expert support and service throughout the lifecycle of your KN investment, ensuring consistent reliable performance for your large format needs.

Ready to dominate the large format world with precision and speed? Contact Linemark Printing today for a personalized consultation and discover how the Esko Kongsberg KN can elevate your cutting and routing game in 2024!

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